March Etsy Team Meeting

Posted On March 28, 2008

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On March 7th 2008 the Philadelphia Etsy Team met at the Mew Gallery. The turnout was great and a variety of topics were covered. Among the things discussed the team focused on some upcoming group shows and projects including the Philly Sewing Collective Etsy Class – May 21, 7-8:30 pm at the Coral streets arts house; handmade in Philly; a possible PA/ Mason Dixon craft fair at 48th and Baltimore in West Philadelphia, and having skill swapping session in which members could share knowledge about their crafts as well as learn new techniques and art forms. The teams change in leadership to more shared responsibilities among members was also discussed. Finally, members talked about ways to improve our Google discussion group. Some suggestions that were made (and have now been implemented) include: having separate pages for resources, a calendar, upcoming art shows, and other information that is important to members of the group.


One Response to “March Etsy Team Meeting”

  1. ZenCreations

    The Mason-Dixon Team is looking forward to meeting with the Philly Team! Oh, and the venue for the Philly/Mason-Dixon event is 48th and Woodland.

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