Posted On July 15, 2008

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As you can see, much laughter and swapping (and eating, yum) ensued. Thanks to all who attended! I personally (Beth) got some great beads from Pidge and some kid’s craft supplies from Angela and Mary which I have already begun using for art therapy materials at work (one kid already used up most of the jewels!) Shanda and Lynn got beads as well, and I saw Amber walk away with some fabric. The treats brought and shared were great, thanks to all who cooked and shopped. I think this would be a great event to hold once every few months and I am happy to host again. More pictures to be posted in a bit!

2 Responses to “Swap-A-Rama-Rama!”

  1. mwmdesigns

    Thanks, Beth. I am so glad to be part of this group and to share not only lots of supplies, but also the fun. I’ve already used two of the beads I got from you in a project on which I’m working–I know it will be great.

  2. mousse

    Yay! I had a great time swapping. Can’t wait to do it again. Thank you Beth, you were the perfect host!

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