A Meeting in July (minutes)

First of all, I’d like to introduce myself in case there’s anyone reading who didn’t make it to the team meeting this month…
My name is Liza James and I am the owner and proprietor (read: designer) of Altered States Clothing.
This was my FIRST team meeting, and I am thrilled and excited to be a part of this growing community.

Here’s me (the blond with no face):

On to business.
Here are a few things we’d like you all to follow up on (or take note of) when you have the time:
~ Please stop by Mew Gallery and pick up flyers to pass around the city! We need to promote!
~ send your upcoming news re shows, etc to artiseverywhere (please comment if this is an email address or an IM name? I’m a little confused).
~ Take a look at the “how to get involved” page (website? Please comment with link).
~ If you know any musicians (acoustic or mild) who’d be interested in playing during a Craftadelphia show, pass on their info! Our current possibilities are:
– Allison’t fiance brian plays keyboard.
– Sondra’s roommate steve sings and plays guitar.
– Liza is friends with young gene buffalo.
Each of these people will follow up with their respective friends and report back.
~ Beth is putting the group list-serve together, we need to draft and
send out a press release soon for Craftadelphia.

Learning events we’ll be setting up (and the folks who will be leading):

Liza has started a google calendar called “Etsy Philly Team”. Please search this calendar and use it! It will be invaluable as we gear up to schedule events.
Also, we will need to discuss dates for the following:

~ Class on crochet basics (Angela – 3d toys and creatures) this will be held at the Cheltenham Art Center in August or September.
~ Marketing event at Nicole Carey’s place in S. Philly. Draw, paint, and print flyers to color, copy and distribute. Liza will lead.
~ Computer/Web tutorial at Mary’s place in Fishtown, lead by Lynn and Liza
~ Meet and greet at Allison’s place in W. Philly
~ Swap-a-rama at Beth’s place in S. Philly
~ Paper making with Lynn at Cheltenham Art Center (other suggestions?) We need old blenders… keep an eye out when thrifting!
~ Sewing machine basics and hand-sewing with Amber and Liza (September) at Amber’s?

Suzanne offered to host an event at her day camp in Bensalem. This
can be a retreat with skill swaps (we could do the paper making class
here, for example). They have pool, lake and plenty of outdoor space. – we were thinking about holding this event sometime on labor day weekend. How does August 31st sound?

We’d still like to learn:
~ knitting basics
~ gocco printing
~ screen printing

Selling events we can participate in:
~ DesignPhiladelphia suggested by Suzanne. Ruth will follow up w/ Beth Van Why.
~ Allison’s (bijoux by) neighborhood holds a porch sale in the fall (Powelton Village). It’s $20 to participate. She’ll tell us more about it when she finds out.
~ Amber mentioned an event/ art sale/ craft sale that tours around
from bar to bar: franks, 700 club, etc. Amber, can you find a link for this, or more info?
~ Open Studio tours: registration may have passed but keep it on the radar – we can pick one member and host a group event at their studio or house. The fee is $80 and they do a nice job promoting this event.

Places to research for sales events:

~ Eastern State Penitentiary
~ Studio 34 across from clark park, near the green line cafe.
~ Jamaican Jerk Hut has a nice yard
~ Zot (society hill) has a FABULOUS space… Liza will look into this.

Suggestions for Promoting US, and YOU!
~ Check out a.viary, a user-friendly imaging software currently in beta.
~ Liza and Lynn will be designing a few “team images” (avatars, buttons, etc) to appeal to both male and female sellers and buyers.
~ update your shop info to include info on the team and Craftadelphia
~ CVS sells folding tables for about $20 if you need one for sales events.
~ credit card sales: pro pay costs $30/yr. Recommended by Grace. some people (not in our group) also use cell phones.
~ If you know anyone at a media organization send their email address to phillyetsy@gmail.com with “mailing list” in the subject line. If you know the person well, we could invite them to an event.
~ Do you have a blog or website? Facebook account? Myspace? Promote the team! Post buttons leading to our blog, post about our events, and leave a comment here with your links, so that Liza can include them whenever your name is mentioned!

A few more notes:

~ Sondra is friends w/ coordinator of the Boston Etsy team. We may
try to connect with her to brainstorm team management.
~ Some teams (chicago, brooklyn) add a “teams” image when posting new items on etsy,
Let’s try to do this too. Watch for avatars and buttons from Lynn and Liza in the days to come.
~ Liza’s going to take a look at our website and make recommendations.
~ Bring swap materials to the monthly meetings (3rd
Friday of each month) to share.


I think that’s everything… please, please comment… your input as members of the Philly Etsy team is invaluable!

Hugs and sauerkraut,

3 Responses to “A Meeting in July (minutes)”

  1. rutherford


    thanks so much for posting the photos and *all*of*this*info!!!

    my link: http://www.flyingfoxdesign.org

    -artiseverywhere is a username – one of our members – can be found on google pages.

    -“how to get involved” is a page on our google pages.

  2. Thaumata

    Hey Liza – Thanks from the A.viary team for the honorable mention! It’d be our pleasure to have more people from Etsy using the site while we build. We’re still an invite-only site, so if anyone needs some extra invites, please just email me and I will hook you up. Thanks again and I can’t wait to see more of you guys!


  3. Liza


    thank you so much! I’ll compile a nice list of emails and send it off to you! I’ve been really happy with my a.viary experience so far, and I’m looking forward to sharing the wealth 🙂


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