Halloween Goodies Member Treasury

Posted On October 12, 2009

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I don’t know about you, but I think Halloween is one of the coolest holidays of the year – so much creativity! Here are several of the delightfully creative Halloween goodies from some of our Handmade Philly members:

1. allisonostertag‘s Creepy Trio of Square Photos

2. ChloeAndBoo‘s Betty Boop Flower Choker

3. Glamorosi‘s Skull Earrings

4. wethotgrass‘s Zombie Attack Earrings

5. UpfromtheAshes‘s Gabriel Feather Small Angel Wings

6. Fudge Brownies by the Kitchen Witch

7. KirstenAshley‘s Flower of Naivety Print

8. BlueBettyShop‘s OOAK Recycled Tee Tote Arr Matey

9. sweet3leafprints‘s Leaf Printed Vampire Bat Owl shirt

10. budandbranch‘s Tiny Arachnid Necklace

11. Crinoline‘s Sugar Skull Day of the Dead Plush


One Response to “Halloween Goodies Member Treasury”

  1. Allison O.

    Nice! Great job Ruth!

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