Posted On October 12, 2009

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Today’s Handmade Philly Embellishment Table at Swap O Rama Rama (Old Pine Community Center at 4th and Lombard) was a big success with many swappers stopping by to add flowers, buttons, lace, and all kinds of handmade apliques.

Members and swappers stopped by with garments they found or brought from home and needed just a little something to make them perfect, including pom-poms on the sleeves, hand cut felt appliques on the bodice, cut-out fabric flowers on the neckline, a bit of ribbon on the hem and two girls who created their own embellished headbands with hand-cut flowers.

We also collected new-to-us outfits and took advantage of the screenprinting opportunities to get flowers, gas masks, terariums (from Girls Can Tell) and a birdy from the folks at derisory designs.


One Response to “SWAP O RAMA RAMA!”

  1. mody

    Thank you more ideas of new and exciting
    I myself had learned and I wish you luck and success

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