Sugarloaf Craft Festival

Posted On November 13, 2009

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Thanks to Handmade Philly (I won tickets to attend this event!), I spent a good part of last Sunday walking around the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center, taking in all the the crafts I could. From homemade pies to handmade glass beads and leather bags, the festival really offered a wide array of crafts.
Debbie Smith, of “Debbie’s Treasures” was kind enough to let me photograph some of her intricate glass beadwork. The earrings below really caught my eye and were on the fancier side, but she also had bright, colorful jewelry that could have come straight from Mexico. She makes all the beads by hand herself and then decorates them with the fine lines of glass that really make these earrings sparkle. Christmas gift anyone?

Debbie's Treasures - Lampwork Earrings

Handmade glass bead earrings

When I walked by the next piece, I started wishing I had more funds available. Barr Jozwicki, a metal sculptor from Massachusetts, really blew me away with his work. I think his most impressive sculptures were those of different trees, but he also had little towns made entirely out of metal. I can only image how long each sculpture must take him, but it definitely paid off. Kudos to Barr. I’ll look for him when I’m a little richer and looking to decorate my place.
Barr Jozwicki - Metal Sculpture

Metal tree sculpture

My boyfriend, Zach, came along with me and he literally stopped dead in his tracks when he saw the work of “Severyn”. As a budding screenprinter, he appreciates good screenprinting. Severyn first dyes their shirts by hand and then screens extremely intricate designs on them, coming up with a final product that I definitely want to buy. You can see some of their work in their online store.All in all, the festival was definitely eye opening for a newcomer to the handmade scene. I look forward to going to (and maybe even participating in) this event next year.


-Jasmine Patel


2 Responses to “Sugarloaf Craft Festival”

  1. melissa

    very cool sounds like fun.

  2. GraceChristie

    Too bad, I missed this one and the local one in DE sometime ago! Thanks for sharing, Jasmine.

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