Interview with Julie Herman Quiltmaker

Posted On March 16, 2010

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 What is your training in Design and Quilting?
I attended Drexel University for Design.  I have very little “formal” training in quilting… just a few classes.. but mostly self taught from books, magazines & the Internet!
 When and how did you begin?
I got hooked on watching Simply Quilts with Alex Anderson. It was the first time I saw quilts in a modern way. Prior to that, when someone said quilt, I pictured an old fashion looking star pattern in my head. After watching countless shows I went to a bookstore and bought up a bunch of quilting magazines and I was off. It was 2003 and I had no idea what I was doing. I still have my first quilt and it serves to remind me of how far I have come and how ambitious I was from the get go.”
It was defiantly one of those jump in feet first kinda experiences!!  Like i said.. i was hooked.. and i’ve never turned back!
 How would you describe your work?
My work can be hard to describe.  I really like to try everything.. so my style is very A to Z.  When I started out quilting I followed published patterns and mainly did “traditional” things.  
my first magazine published design

my very modern quilt


 What inspiration do you use in creating your quilts?
Everything!  i’ve been inspired by tile floors to parking garages.  I always have a camera & a sketch book on me.
 I see that you like to blog.  Why?
it may sound cheesy.
but i blog for bliss
just like the title of this book…

I started my blog for a few reasons.  Unfortunately I didn’t know many other quilters my age.. so my blog was intended to become a place where I could share… and oh it has!  I also started my blog as a journal of sorts.. to keep a history of what I make.. and when.  Before my blog I took pictures of all the quilts that I made.. but I never wrote down the stories that go with them.  While I have a design background.. starting a company wasn’t in my original plans.  Not long after I started blogging I wrote a few tutorials.. got the opportunity to be a “chef” for the & write tutorials for them… and then got the chance to start publishing my own patterns!  It has been a crazy year of blogging.. and it’s just the beginning!!

You can read Julies Blogs at

I want to thank Julie for helping me to blog about her and her work. 
I will be reposting this interview on my blog say blog on!  I would love some feedback.  Let me know what you think. Written by Joanne Litz 

One Response to “Interview with Julie Herman Quiltmaker”

  1. Mary Ann

    Nicely done! I have been reading Julie for a while now and enjoy her wit and style. THanks for letting us get to know her a little bit better.

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