Sugarloaf, Oaks, 2010

Two weekends ago I had the privilege of attending the Sugarloaf Festival in Oaks, PA courtesy of Handmade Philly.

It was great to see so many established and talented artisans with seriously well made and fine tuned stuff. In fact, there were so many crafters that I’m sure we overlooked things that we definitely would have wanted to see. The following caught my eye for one of a number of reasons including unbelievable craftsmanship, striking booth display, or friendly, extroverted artisans educating me on the process or importance of their craft.

Got All Your Marbles, all the way from Tuscon, AZ, generously allowed me to look and touch and take photographs.  Beautiful jewelry and you could pick your marbles, if you wanted to. There was a line to look at this stuff and it was well worth it once you got to the booth.


Michael Natale makes beautiful pottery.  The first thing that attracted me to walk closer was his booth set up – it really gave you the feeling that you were going to find something special if you stepped inside that space.  There was a lot of pottery at the show and his really stood out.  Really interesting designs with a lot of personality.  When I got home, I went to his website and read a little bit about him and the history of the business.   He studied Fine Art with a minor in Art History, which isn’t surprising – everything about his space and objects read like a well planned work of art.

Then we came upon Miller’s Wood Shop.  Oohs and ahhs from dh and I because there’s nothing like well crafted woodwork and these objects did not disappoint.  Tables and chairs were to die for and would be worth every penny if we had the pennies to spend.  Doesn’t look like he has a website but his business card provided his email (millerwoodshop at yahoo dot com), if you ‘re in the market for beautiful handmade furniture and the most comfortable wooden chairs ever.

I’m a sucker for all things botanical and these prints, cards, magnets, and ceramic tiles from Wildflower Graphics were gorgeous!

Another guilty pleasure of ours is wildlife photography and the pictures at Ted Schiffman Photographic Productions were breathtaking.  That, and Ted was a very likable guy who was eager to engage with us about our favorite photos.  Great compositions, contrast, color, printing – all of that technical photographer jazz – plus, uh, getting up close and personal with seriously dangerous and beautiful animals.  I would so love to tag along on a wildlife photography journey one day!  I lifted the photo of the wolf from the website – it was one of many favorites in his display.

Last but not least is the amazing food that can be found at craft fairs – handmade, lovingly produced, delicious food.

Berkshire Sweet Gold Maple Farm had several different types of maple syrup and a wealth of information about it.  Not just for pancakes!!! Of course I tried mini shots of every single kind of sweet gold they were offering and with all five senses involved, settled on 250ml of the dark amber.   I also love that if you return your glass bottle, they give you a credit for your next purchase.  (Photo taken from the website.)

Right across the isle was the Bouchard Family Farm with Ployes – these amazing buckwheat crepes that they were cooking on a griddle, topping with butter and honey, and giving away.   We were greeted with friendliness and a melt in your mouth delicious crepe.  Ployes is for sale at Whole Foods so you can check it out for yourself!  (Photo taken from the website.)

All in all, we had a great experience at the Sugarloaf Festival in Oaks, PA.  Many thanks to Handmade Philly for giving us the opportunity!!

Posted by Lisa Volta of Volta Organics.


One Response to “Sugarloaf, Oaks, 2010”

  1. Ted Schiffman

    Thanks very much for your coverage, PR and attention. I appreciate your kind words and that you enjoy my work. I do roughly ten of their shows a year, will be coming back to Oaks in November and, rate them as a real class act. Everyone with Sugarloaf is very helpful.

    Kindest regards, Ted Schiffman

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