Square Peg Artery and Salvage

Posted On April 13, 2010

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Hi all.  I met Jen and Rachel at our new Brainstorming Meeting.  They have a wonderful consignment shop and are hot to generate a community of artists where Art is more about community then money.

Square Peg Artery  at 108 S 20th St  is one of the local art focused consignment shops that are popping up in Philadelphia.  It seems to be a trend that is growing.   Rachel is the owner and likes to stay behind the scenes while running a tight ship.  She says Jen came by one day, introduced herself and seems to have never left!  A massage therapist in one part of her life, Jen is also a creator of soap products using all pure ingredients.  She says if you take each element out of her products they could all be eaten separately…….but probably not recommended.    They carry the local work of  craftspeople in every category.

They have different goings on every week.  The next one is on the 15th.  It is called Wish I were an Art School Critique Night.

The event runs 6-8 pm.

Bring your Crafts and Arts, finished or in progress and receive constructive criticism from your peers!

It is a FREE event so gather up you stuff and high tail it over there.

Written for Handmade Philly by Joanne Litz



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