Gift Guide: Orange Crush

A close friend of mine had me on the lookout for orange accessories recently, so I’ve been noticing various shades of orange springing up everywhere. I love the brightness and fun the color infuses into any item it’s being used to make. Maybe you share my newfound fondness for the color or know someone who does. I bet anyone on your gift giving list would thoroughly enjoy receiving the burst of brightness that is inherent in all of the following goodies. (Click the photos for more info!!)

How adorable is this knit giraffe from Handmade by Angela? She’d be great for a little one to grab onto or even better for brightening up a friend’s beige cube. I just can’t help smiling at her every time I see the photo!

This whimsical mobile available from Poppy & Bean would provide continuous entertainment above a little one’s crib. Here’s another case where kids can’t have all the fun! Put this near a window in your office or work room so the breeze could gently spin the yo-yos, providing a delightful focus for day dreaming.

Add a little orange love to your wrists while showing your team spirit with these fancy Flyers cuff links available from Beck’s Buttons (orange background also available!). They are a great way to add a little individuality to a sometimes sterile, straight-laced corporate world.

I absolutely adore this little fishy necklace by Klaatu Collection. If only there were matching fish earrings, I would’ve snapped this up already! The deep orange jewel tone is just magnificent and would make a great addition to your summer sundresses.

With the random weather we’ve been having lately, it’s definitely not too late to sport this vibrant orange-hued scarf, available from Lemonhalf (And check out a recent interview with the artist here). Or pack it away after purchasing to surprise yourself in the fall!

Don’t forget to indulge your writing ambitions with this hand stamped journal. Created by BlueToad Journals of Tremundo, this journal would also be great to keep track of all your creative ideas as they pop up.

Looking for a statement accessory? Not overpowering in size but incredibly eye-catching, scoop up this stunning necklace crafted by Peaceable Empire. It almost resembles the storm on the face of Saturn – or is that just me? No? Must just be me…

Check out this unique choker by Rachellahh. It would be a striking addition to a simple jeans and a T combo and there are still quite a few chilly days left to sport it before the heat hits us full on.

If you’re looking to swap out your wall art for something perkier, check out this print by Pigeons in the Attic. I could totally see it gracing the wall of a kitchen nook or brightening up your work space (ie. that beige cube I mentioned earlier :)).

So you’re late for work and throwing your hair into yet another ponytail. Add a little pizzazz to that ponytail with this barrette available from Paisley by Justine. The color combo is so gorgeous; your coworkers will be too busy with compliments to notice the time.

Who couldn’t use a new handbag? Snatch this lovely up from Rogue Theory and while you’re there, check out the tons of other items they have. These clutches are great (experience speaking here) and there are plenty of orange items to choose from!

Top off your outfit with these little orange gems created by MWM Designs. The design is reminiscent of an argyle sweater so even though the sweater is packed away for the next few months, you can rock your argyle love with these little beauties.

Don’t forget to check out the dozens of shops that weren’t included in this particular guide – there’s definitely something for everyone within the hundreds of items available from Handmade Philly artisans.
Happy shopping!!

Did you email your shop’s website to me? Suggestions, ideas, critiques, or feedback? Leave it in the comments! Thanks for reading!

~Nicole Bruno, A Stitch in Design

8 Responses to “Gift Guide: Orange Crush”

  1. RS

    Great article Nicole! The color combos in Rachellahh’s choker are fabulous, and I want that necklace by Peaceable Empire! I totally just looked up Saturn’s storms…hahaha yes you are right on the money w/ that one!

  2. Nicole

    Hahaaha! Thanks for checking Ruth! That’s my nerdy-ness peeking through 🙂

  3. Lois

    Great gift guide! Nice work. I particularly fond of the plaid earrings. One of my daughters is crazy for plaid.

  4. Jan

    Hey – looks great Nicole. “orange” you glad you volunteered for this! haha

  5. beck

    Wow! Zesty!

  6. kate johnson

    Nice collection, and such a mellow orange bunch.

  7. Colleen Coyer

    I love it Nicole! Thanks for including my mobile. Orange is my favorite color right now, everything on this page makes me smile:)

  8. Jeanne

    So inspiring to see such a variety of handmade goodies! =D

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