Interview with Antoinette of House of Antoinette

Antoinette is thrilled to share her passion for fashion through her designs. House of Antoinette1950 offers a variety of edgy functional styles. You can find her thru the links below.

1. What is your training in Art and Design

My life has always been art oriented. I began drawing and creating as a toddler. I was a big fan of art class and in my spare time I practiced drawing, painting and crafting. I grew up attending extra curricular art classes and workshops. Over the years I took interest in fashion. I attended The Art Institute of Philadelphia for my associates,  majoring in fashion design and fashion marketing. After college I enrolled in a series of metal smithing and beading classes. I also participated in crochet circles and taught art classes.

2. How and when did you begin House of Antoinette 1950?

House of Antoinette1950 was created in late January 2010. I’ve been working toward it for nine years. The time came where I was finally able to pursue it. I always favored accessories. Over the years I played with ideas and concepts but now I can execute my vision. House of Antoinette1950 is a one-woman operation. I studied the market and trends for years and now seemed like the best time for my designs.  antoinette1

3. Describe the women you envision as your customer.

I envision my customer as a dynamic, versatile, vivacious woman who experiments with style. She knows her style and what she wants.

4.  What are you looking forward to?

I am looking forward to expanding my clientele and providing more styles! I am also working on an upcoming photo shoot.

5.  Where can we buy your work?

My work is sold at Square peg Artery, Vix Emporium, Pirahna Betty’s and the Ebeneezer Maxwell Mansion. I also sell on my website and etsy I look forward to selling at more locations.

Check out her work the next time you are at Square Peg Artery.

Interview by Joanne Litz /


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