Creative Challenge: Body movin’

We all have it – our go to song to get us moving, whether it’s dancing, painting, cleaning, or raising our spirits after a tough day.

Pass along that exhilaration by posting the link to the YouTube music video that gets you hyped and makes your downstairs neighbor wish he didn’t have a chandelier. Feel free to add a sentence or two to capture your frame of mind.

I can guarantee that I jump around more than the drummer when I turn this one on:


7 Responses to “Creative Challenge: Body movin’”

  1. RS

    great question! I love to listen to this song really loud: – it gets me pumped up.

  2. eywoodworking

    I keep B-101 on in the shop. It encourages me to work because as long as a power tool is running, I can’t hear it.

  3. Teresa

    This one still gives me chills and makes me want to blast it with the windows down –

  4. Lisa Hwang (Light Mosaics)

    It changes for me. Lately, it’s the Passion Pit album Chunk of Change.

  5. Jen

    This song makes me happy:

    Oh, and this one, which was written by an Italian musician in a gibberish language that is supposed to sound like English sounds to people who don’t speak English. There’s lots of fun dancing in the video too!:

  6. Nicole

    @eywoodworking – That is HILARIOUS

  7. RS

    Lisa, Passion Pit was a close runner up for me. Also Matias Aguayo’s rollerskate.

    Eric – super funny.

    Teresa, Hadn’t heard this song before, but the lyrics are great, tx.

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