Creative Challenge + Giveaway = Happiness

So have you heard? That I’m thoroughly head over heels for numbers and mathematical formulas?? But wait, what? You’re not??!?! Well, we’ll have to fix that…

Formulas don’t always have to be number based! Math concepts can be used to show even the most mundane in a new light. Show me an equation to describe something happening in your world – be it happy or sad, serious or comical.  Enter it in the comments section below and you’re automatically eligible for a giveaway from a Handmade Philly artist.

Thanks to Heidi for this post’s giveaway. Spanish Curves: a lovely 4×6 photograph matted to 8×10

I’ll be randomly selecting the winner on
Monday, June 28th.

So get your equations in now!!

6/28/10 @4:48pm: And the winner is….

JEN MCCLEARY!!! Hope this makes you happier 🙂

facts  x italics +  attitude2 =  sarcasm


8 Responses to “Creative Challenge + Giveaway = Happiness”

  1. Jen

    heat & humidity = unhappy jen

  2. Aaron

    Thunder + Hail + Lightning = Frightened Dog

    • Heidi

      Aaron, I know exactly what you mean. I had the same thing just happen to me, plus a migraine! I know I’m not up for the prize but wanted to answer anyway!

      headache + still hands + blank stare = creative block

      • Jeanne

        Great photo, Heid! I remember this one from “back in the day” =)

  3. onewolf

    Fabric + zippers + felt + needles + thread + bookmaking supplies + jingle bells + amigurumi eyes + glue + paint + markers + colored pencils + fluff + yarn + knitting needles + crochet hooks + craft books (divided by) free time at home to spend on artistic pursuits = a very crowded craft closet + so many ideas + frustration at not creating the things that will not exist unless I create them!

    ok…deep breaths…sorry for venting…


  4. Jeanne

    messy apartment + 90 degree heat + power outtage + road blocks = a night at the movies drooling over Tom Cruise

  5. onewolf

    yay! congrats Jen!

  6. Jen

    Hooray! Thanks!

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