I want to see your PDA! -EXTENDED

Not affection – art! This time around PDA means public displays of art. Do you pass some lovely addition to the street signs on your walk to work? Or maybe you’ve gone guerrilla and added some googly eyes to the parking meter or a yarn cozy to a tree trunk. Whether you created the PDA or they’ve been left by someone intent on sprucing up the joint, here’s your mission:

1. Pack your camera

2. Create a PDA or two without getting yourself in trouble/Find an existing PDA

3. Snap a photo

4. Upload it (try flickr) and post the link in the comments, making you automatically eligible for some giveaway fun – see below

5. Be inspired to do more!




This week we’re continuing the giveaway tradition with a super fun orange colored apple cozy courtesy of Beck from Lemonhalf. She will send the crocheted item directly to the winner who will be chosen around 4pm on Tuesday the 27th Friday, August 6th.  Time is running out, so get to your art-making!

And the winner is….

True Random Number Generator
Powered by RANDOM.ORG

ONEWOLF!! Even though we can’t exactly see the photos, I’ll have to trust that they really are PDAs 🙂 Congrats – I hope your apples stay cozy all year long!

Brought to you by Nicole, who tends to giggle uncontrollably when she comes across pda’s – both kinds.

5 Responses to “I want to see your PDA! -EXTENDED”

  1. ruth

    OOO! I’ve been wanting one of those apple cozies!! let’s see what I can do!! great challenge…kudos nicole!

  2. Heidi

    This isn’t recent but I thought it would work. http://www.flickr.com/photos/31635981@N00/4836283562/

  3. JenMcCleary

    I found a paper crane in a crack in the sidewalk! It totally made my day.


  4. ruth

    yikes i didn’t realize all this time i had the permissions set to private. they are viewable now. wish i had known!

    HOORAY!!!! you know we actually had a 20 min discussion about your apple cozies at dinner the other night. i gave one to my sister in law and one to my niece, and they LOVED them. tho some people def did not get it. but eventually their buttons fell off, and they fell into a state of disrepair. so it looks like i need to buy a couple more. =) joy.

    thanks nicole, for organizing!

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