My 100 Degree Journey through China Town

…and at the end was the Punk Rock Flea Market! 

I finally had the chance to meet a few more of our Handmade Philly members in person. Julie Mullin Raboczi of Foxglove Factory is Facebook friends with me, but this was the first time we met  🙂  She’s known for her funky, vintage button jewelry….lots of eye candy!

Lisa l-Kwang Hwang of Light Mosaics had beautiful tea light holders on display. I bought one of her rings made from japanese papers with little bits of glass beads…very unique and a great deal for a handmade piece at just $8.

The most colorful table was definitely Jaime’s from the Crinoline Shop.  Her plushies are adorable…and I think I may have to visit her on-line shop to buy one of her cool skull necklaces! 

Not a handmade Philly member, but really inspiring were Chrissy McNulty’s custom-painted sneakers. wow.  She doesn’t have an on-line shop, yet, but as you can see, if you have a vision, she will paint it for you.  So feel free to contact her:

The Punk Rock Flea Market was provided by R5 Productions

~ Jeanne Lombardo, Intuition Funktional Art


One Response to “My 100 Degree Journey through China Town”

  1. heidihugs

    Jeanne, looks like you had fun running around in that heat! Thanks for showing us some work by members.

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