Creative Challenge: Oh, the weather outside is frightful

No? It’s not? I’m the only one missing the snow? For those of you eagerly awaiting cooler weather or those just trying to beat the heat, time to break out the snowflakes!! Don’t be intimidated by the steps, I’ve tried to document them all to make it easier on even the newest computer user 🙂 Just be warned, cutting out snowflakes is addicting!

  1. Visit this site – – and cut out your own snowflake.
  2. Click on “Preview Flake”
  3. If it’s exactly how you like it, click on “Save My Flake”. If not, cut some more!
  4. Give it a name, then click “Submit”
  5. Click on “Download my Flake”
  6. Click on “View Image”
  7. Admire your amazing abilities
  8. Right click on the snowflake and click on “Copy Image Location”
    Paste that location into the comments section below
  9. Admire all the snowflakes and keep your fingers crossed for real ones to come soon!! (No? Just me?) OR cut out lots more and enjoy the rest of the heat before the real ones come 🙂

This week’s challenge comes along with a great giveaway for enjoying the last of summer’s sun – a great sun catcher available from Jeanne of Intuition. All of you lucky participants will be eligible to win it! You have until Tuesday, August 31st to make it snow!

UPDATED: Our big winner is… #3 – JAN!!!! Thanks so much for playing!

Good luck!

~Nicole Bruno


9 Responses to “Creative Challenge: Oh, the weather outside is frightful”

  1. Flake Master

    Two cheers for sugar free frozen flakes!

    BTW: How FANTASTIC is Nicole and these Creative Challanges?

  2. Jan

    Who thinks of these things!!!!!!!! Great fun!

  3. ruth

    ooo I think I’ll try a few more! yay Nicole!

  4. Nicole

    Thanks guys – I’m glad you all enjoy them!! The snowflakes you are all coming up with are AWESOME! Love it!

  5. Jeanne

    Your snowflakes are so cute! Great creative challenge, Nicole! =)

  6. Jan

    oH MY!! thanks, this was flaky but FUN!!

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