Show Me to My Seat!

The Philadelphia Chapter of the Women’s Caucus for the Arts is participating in the Fringe Festival in Philadelphia this year. They have chosen a theme based on “A Place at the Table” by Judy Chicago. The group is altering/artistically decorating chairs for a demonstration during the Fringe. The chairs will also be used as part of the set for “The Waiting Room” performed at the Old Pine Community Center from September 10-12 and 17-18. See the Philadelphia Chapter’s blog for complete details.

As a member of the Philadelphia Chapter, I decided to participate in this fun project. I had an old chair laying around so I brought it to our meeting on August 11th and started work on it. Below are some photos of the chair I worked on. As part of the project they wanted us to include quotes or statistics on women’s placement in our society. I chose to use some quotes written by famous women.

“Women and Elephants never forget.”
Dorothy Parker
“Every woman has the right to be beautiful.”
Elizabeth Arden
“Help one another is part of the religion of sisterhood.”
Louisa May Alcott

“It is always incomprehensible to a man that a woman should refuse an offer of marriage.”
Jane Austen

Please come out and support the Women’s Caucus for the Arts- Philadelphia Chapter at the Fringe Festival on September 3 in Old City at 6pm.


One Response to “Show Me to My Seat!”

  1. Rachel

    Awesome chair! I love all of the quotes!
    I just found a chair and I’m wondering if I still have the chance to include it in the demonstration.

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