Gift Guide: For the DIYer – aka: YOU!

This is the time of year that I like to gather my list and start purchasing my supplies for all the gifts I’ll be whipping up for the holidays. Yes, I do realize that it’s Aug 31 (soon to be Sept!) but I’m one of those, “Dude, I could make that” people. So I buy all the supplies then I procrastinate until December 20th when I need to either whip up all the gifts or order the originals with expedited shipping. So here’s everyone’s chance to go through your “I could make that” list and just give in early and make those purchases now. It’ll be soooooo much less crazy once December rolls around, I promise!

This is the perfect gift for the pet lover on your list. It’s available custom made from Mary Jo Rosania and I love the idea of having a pillow with my fave furry one on it! This is great when the furry one is still snuggling with you and even more cherished when he’s gone to the big snuggle house in the sky.

Have a new little one in your life? These awesome slippers are made by Wooly Baby and are available for both girls and boys – perfect for the cooler weather that’s coming (I swear, it is). Like me and have no idea about children’s sizes? Get a gift certificate!

This might be the most hilariously awesome print for any nature/animal lover out there. Brighten up a cube and make a coworker smile with this “Chinchillin’ Like a Villain” print created by YouWannaTalkJive.

You’ll save TONS of time and headache by purchasing this lovely reverse decoupaged plate for the host/hostess with the mostess on your list! This is available from Insitu Decorative Arts but be sure to check out the shop for other patterns.

Guaranteed to make the recipient giggle, pick this print up from Mattson Studio for the donut lover in your life. He’ll understand 🙂

Know someone who’s holding on to summer? Pick up this delightful collage from 111Collagedesign to extend the daydreams into the winter months.

Can’t knit (nor crochet)? Don’t have your own hand loom? Then it would be best to just save yourself the headache of even attempting to recreate this gorgeousness. Keep your favorite girl warm and pick up this lovely little number from Lillian Jackson Knitwear.

This might be the most fun little skirt ever! There aren’t very many items to suit your mathematically inclined girl friend’s so make sure you grab this skirt from Chloe & Boo before it’s too late!

While I don’t recommend purchasing these early, you might want to order yourself some right now. Ya know, just to taste test them before sending to everyone you know. Stop by the Kitchen Witch website to sample the other varieties.

For the earth mother in your life, pick up this sweet mosaic from – who else? – Earth Mother Mosaics!

If you’re anything like me, you probably have a ton of wee ones on your list but are unsure of purchasing (or making) yet another toy. Fret no more – pick up this adorable t shirt from Sweet3LeafPrints and get it customized!

There is no chance of me ever even attempting to recreate this statement piece – best to purchase the wonderful original available from Claire McDermott.

Oh my goodness, these earrings are super cool! The nerd in your life would LOVE them (trust me :))! And you’re even able to personalize the compound! Please, do yourself a favor and grab these from Van Studio while you can.

Yet another item that I’m just not sure I’m willing to attempt. And even if I did, there’s no way it would come out as lovely as this bright orange piece available from Mudd Lotus.

Don’t bother with the individual pieces – grab the gift basket!! Lillian’s Apothecary has some divine items available (said from experience!) but the gift basket is the best choice to make your recipient feel pampered.

For those of you who actually will attempt to knit or crochet your gift items, pick up some hand dyed yarn from Blue Betty to give your item an extra hint of pizazz.

And for the one with everything, grab a gorgeously hand crafted and 100% useful flask made by Beccaroon.

Wow, there are so many gorgeous items out there! Though I do plan to make some purchases soon, there’s still a good chance I may procrastinate with my delusions of diy grandeur.  Hopefully everyone in Handmade Philly offers expedited shipping 🙂

Don’t forget about the many offerings from the wonderful members of Handmade Philly!

Suggestions, ideas, critiques, or feedback? Leave it in the comments! Thanks for reading!

~Nicole Bruno, A Stitch in Design


5 Responses to “Gift Guide: For the DIYer – aka: YOU!”

  1. Helen

    Nice job! Nicole, Love the skirt/cowl!

  2. Jan

    Thanks Nicole – such a great way for all of us to see what our Handmade Philly gang is up to…..

  3. kate johnson

    What a great guide. As a former chemist, I loved the H+, -Cl earrings. As a knitter, I loved Betty Blue’s yarn.

  4. earthmothermosaics

    Mmmm brownies … they look so good! Thanks for including my peace symbol! Nice work everyone!

  5. Gretchen

    holy crap! “chinchillin like a villian” is my new fav!

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