Make the Everyday Extraordinary

Shoe Tree

Okay, I won’t lie; my favorite ordinary item is the SHOE!  And in the beginning almost all I did was photograph shoes.  My teachers said, “Get outside!”  But I continued with my shoe fetish.

Old Shoes

Soon I made it outside, but the shoes followed. 

Shoe Berry

I’m sure most girls would love it if shoes grew on trees, it would be so much cheaper!!!!

So when you are thinking about your next photograph don’t forget, anything can become a work of art. One way to change ordinary to extraordinary is try photographing the objects up close to create abstract art. Textures, colors and light are other things to pay attention to when you are creating.

A Rose

Another way to create extraordinary from the ordinary is the next time you shoot check out your photos all together, especially if you are shooting a similar theme.  The first example came from when I was shooting 35mm film.  I was working on a photo journalism project (creating a story with photos) when this appeared on my contact sheet:

Getting Ready

I couldn’t help but print it and it was eventually featured in a show.

Nowadays, the digital world has created a new way to create contact sheets.  I used PhotoShop to create a contact sheet of my cloud shoot.  (I have a crazy fascination with clouds right now.)  Once the contact sheet was created I edited the piece to create this collage.


Changing the point the point of view with your camera can also create some extraordinary pieces.  Don’t be afraid to lie down and view the world from the dog’s or cat’s eye view or look at something from a different angle other than straight on. It is an unexpected view point that can create the extraordinary.

The Fast Life

Whatever you do, keep creating!


One Response to “Make the Everyday Extraordinary”

  1. Jeanne

    As always, looks beautiful, Heid =) Miss you and can’t wait to hang at your new house! xo xo

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