DIY “Candy Corn” Stamps and Cards

Here’s a fun and easy Halloween card that you can make with very few materials.

You will need:

Two wine corks
Orange and yellow acrylic paint (you can also use a regular ink pad)
Hobby knife
Blank white paper (card stock is best)

1. Use your hobby knife to carve the top and bottom orange stripes of the candy corn shape. Start on the top of the cork and cut about 1/8″ to 1/4″ deep. Then cut in from the sides to remove the unwanted cork sections. Go slowly as the cork cuts very easily.

2. Out of the second cork, carve middle yellow stripe of the candy corn shape.
(See my photos for reference.)

3. Dip your 2-stripe cork into the orange paint. With some pressure, stamp it onto your card.

4. Dip your 1-stripe cork into the yellow paint. Aim for the middle of the two orange stripes and stamp.

5. Make a fun pattern with candy corns! They look almost good enough to eat.

*Note: you should do a few test stamps on a piece of scrap paper before you stamp your cards. Because corks have varying textures and planes, you will probably need to adjust the pressure or amount of paint.

Happy Halloween! – Kate Holeman from The Lettered Set

6 Responses to “DIY “Candy Corn” Stamps and Cards”

  1. ruth

    Adorable! Great photos too! I have to try this!

  2. Jeanne

    SO Cute! =D

  3. Jan

    Simple, but looks great!

  4. Kate Holeman

    Thanks all! It’s really easy! I mention that stamp pads work too but the corks need to be super inked for it to look nice. I really recommend using acrylic paint – it’s got that extra “candy” glisten too 🙂

  5. MaryJo

    this is adorable!! I absolutely love it.

  6. lilithsapothecary

    SO cute 🙂 My 4 year old would love this…she’s been chomping at the bit to EAT some candy corns at long last. And this is a nice idea …using wine corks!

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