Shop Local with Handmade Philly.

This holiday season, and always for that matter, shop local and buy handmade.

Shopping local is my favorite way to shop. It’s a fun and thoughtful way to share a handmade item from your little part of the world. The recipient is guaranteed to open up something that is one-of-a-kind and personally selected by You!

Let’s meet a few Philly area locals,  and members of Handmade Philly, who have stocked their shops with beautiful gift ideas for you to share this season.

Heidi Urbanski – State College, PA

Heidi's creations come from her "kitchen" studio.

Hey!  My name is Heidi Urbanski and I am a stained glass artist and jewelry designer in State College, PA. My studio is my kitchen counter and I work on my art between loads of laundry and whenever my kids give me a break.  Balance is the name of the game when you have kids, and my balancing act is precarious.  Has my son had a popsicle at 9 am because I had to finish a custom order?  Yes.  In the vast scheme of things, does this really matter?  Nope. 


Staci Egan, Contempo Jewelry – State College, PA

Staci is part of the creative environment of Surface Artists Cooperative.

All Contempo Jewelry pieces are designed & hand created by me, Staci Egan. Contempo Jewelry designs are nature inspired featuring wire working techniques using precious metals, semi-precious stones and freshwater pearls. I specialize in bridal wear and custom designs. Being a small part of someone’s big day is an honor and I cherish every moment.

My studio space is located in Surface Artist Cooperative –  Surface is located in State College and includes 7 creative women. Surface is an incredibly creative and exciting environment.

Website: Shop:

Wendy Edsall-Kerwin, Hammerstroke & Fire – Elizabethtown, PA

Using a hammer and a torch Wendy makes the world a more beautiful place.

Metal.  To many it is hard, rigid, and immovable.  But metal flows, bends, and can be worked over and over again.  It is both industrial and organic.  Through processes such as fold forming, forging, and riveting, I am able to work with this dual nature, to connect with my materials.

These techniques have also allowed me to explore texture and pattern in new ways.  To bring more depth to my work, I use layers, folds, and textures on the metal.  Using rivets rather than soldering pieces together puts focus on the different parts that make up each piece.  They give a physical presence to the joining, a reminder that someone chose these parts to make a whole.

Website: Shop:

Jodi Clark, Tubby Tabby – Harrisburg, PA

Jodi finds quiet inspiration amidst the sound of traffic whizzing by.

I’m Jodi from Tubby Tabby’s Jewelbox on Etsy.

I’ve always had a creative spark in me, but occasionally I get stumped for ideas. I live in a busy part of the city, so traffic runs right in front of my house. When I need inspiration or just need to think I sit on my front porch, watch the traffic and the people and the idea’s usually start flowing. I think I like the sound of the cars whizzing by—it calms me.


Diana Albrecht, Pretty Cool Shops & Pretty Cool Clothes – Coatsville, PA

Diana in one of her vintage one-of-a-kind hats.

PrettyCoolShops is the place for handmade retro and vintage style clothing, purses, accessories, and more ~ for women and men. I am passionate about creating handcrafted items that are meticulously made and one of a kind!  Custom orders welcome.

Website: Shop:,,

Margaret Almon, Nutmeg Designs – Lansdale, PA

Margaret at home in her Mosaic Studio.

I’m most at home in my mosaic studio, my natural habitat of a ‘one bedroom, two studio rowhouse’ as my husband, Wayne Stratz, likes to say.  He’s the stained glass half of the dynamic duo of Nutmeg Designs.


To see the full roster of Handmade Philly members click here

Reported by: Tanna Paradis Love.Honor.Upcycle.

6 Responses to “Shop Local with Handmade Philly.”

  1. Jan

    Great article. Love having faces to the names we see in emails!

  2. Diana

    awesome! thanks for putting together a nice “shop local” list! 8^)

  3. Jodi

    Great article and great to see the other faces I talk to on the social networks. Thanks for including me!
    Much Love—Jodi

  4. tannap

    It’s so much fun getting to know so many amazing members of Handmade Philly. Thank you for sharing your stories and your talents!


  5. Margaret Almon

    Thanks Tanna for putting this together! It’s nice to know who is in my neighborhood. . .

  6. Heidi Urbanski

    Thanks for including me! Love putting a face to all the creativity!

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