So I was trying to come up with a blog for this month and of course since it was the holidays I haven’t had much time to think of something.  So I sit here trying to come up with an inspiration and I thought, “What inspires me and how do I get inspired?” Then it occurred to me, this is my blog for the month.

I know everyone gets inspired in different ways, it could be driving or walking around a beautiful location, reading a book, looking at photographs or even staring out the window…

Depending on what type of project I am working on, the inspiration varies.  I could pick up a piece of fabric at a store and immediately know what I want to make with it.  Driving down the road…
Driving through the country…
 A store window…
I have looked through magazines and all of a sudden see something that sets me off on a collage project.  Looking at different craft sites can set me off on a new tangent, or just simply looking at my supplies in my craft room will inspire the next project.

What inspires you?  It’s a new year, here’s to 2011 and all the great projects and art that will be created this year!

Heidi Kelly


One Response to “Inspiration”

  1. ruth

    Wow, I LOVE the pic of the field…so hauntingly beautiful…

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