CC: Come Spin A Tale

This week’s challenge is going to be a little different. This time around we need the whole of the internets to show themselves and continue our story along! To participate, you can write a sentence or a paragraph, but please try to build off the last comment.
And if you’re first to comment, please use the starter sentence and photo at the end of this post.

By adding your portion to the story, you’ll be eligible to win this matted 8×10 photograph from Heidi Falatek of HUGS.

The winner will be announced on Tuesday, February 8th. That should give us plenty of time to weave a interesting tale. Please use the prompt below and let your imagination run wild!

When the jostling woke Gunther up, he rubbed his eyes in confusion and tried to recall what he was doing on this train.

UPDATED: And the winner is…
#3 – Jan!

Thanks so much to everyone for participating – I loved reading everyone’s additions (I’m so happy zombies were introduced!! Haahah!)  and hope you all enjoyed it as well!


12 Responses to “CC: Come Spin A Tale”

  1. Jen

    His head ached and felt as though stuffed with cotton, and his left hand had fallen asleep. His mouth was dry, and he automatically reached for his bag to get out the bottle of water he carried everywhere. But the bag wasn’t on the seat next to him where he was sure he had left it, and a white bolt of fear shot through him.

  2. heidihugs

    Looking around the car, he saw no one. What could have happened to that bag? His mind was reeling, his documents for his new idea were in the bag. What was he going to do now?

  3. Jan

    But just then, his cell phone rang and he looked at the number and didn’t recognize it altho the name was Kathryn. Kathryn? That great looking lady from class the other day? Why would she have my number and why would she be calling?

  4. Jen

    “Hello?” Gunther’s voice came out as a raspy whisper. “Get off the train at the next stop, Gunther” said a woman’s voice. It didn’t sound like the Kathryn from class, but it was hard to hear over the rattle of the train. “Get off the train, or you’ll be in terrible danger.” Gunther gripped the phone a bit tighter and said “Why? Who are you? What do you want?” The woman’s voice said only “Just do as you’re told” and then there was a click as she hung up.

  5. Tanna

    His mind began to race as quickly as the train. Thoughts of Kathryn flooded his thoughts. He remembered the first time they met, the first time they locked eyes. He felt as if he had met her before. Her voice was sweet and her manner self assured and calm. Could this be the voice of the woman alerting him to danger?

  6. MaryJo

    Just then, the train halted to a stop. But this was not at the station as Gunter had hoped. The train stopped right in the middle of a tressel. Gunther’s stomach sank into his feet.

  7. Bonnie MacAllister

    There was a light blue gleam at the base of the strut. Underneath, slow movements. Gunther’s cell phone began to vibrate out a strange pattern.

  8. Jen

    Gunther opened his eyes in the dark bedroom and sat bolt upright in bed. Looking to his right to find the source of the rhythmic buzzing sound, he realized that his alarm clock had been going off for three minutes but he hadn’t really heard it. His hand slapped the OFF button almost instinctively, but his mind was still partially in the strange train car in his dream. “How weird” he thought to himself as he threw back the covers.

  9. Jan

    OH Man. “I can’t be late again! I might have tenure but the powers that be can get mad if I don’t teach these kids what they need. And I better stop dreaming about my students. Altho Kathryn is the only one that pays attention. The others just sit there like zombies.”

  10. Tanna

    Flying out of bed he went to the closet and hurriedly put on an outfit his students jokingly referred to as his uniform, freshly pressed khaki’s a plaid blue shirt and a V-neck navy cashmere sweater his mother had sent him for his last birthday, three days late. As he threw on his jacket and reached for his keys his cell phone rang. He glanced down at the phone. It read, Kathryn.

  11. Eric

    He was taken aback at first and then realized it was just his morning reminder to grab the last accessory of his “uniform”. It was a spur of the moment decision but he had named his katana after his best student. After all, both were sharp, dependable, and beautiful. All of which are qualities one needs to survive in a world beset by a zombie infestation. Yes, he might have been a tenured professor but in this day and age, “publish or perish” was the least of his worries. “Be armed or be eaten” was the new motto for academia.

  12. Jeanne

    I LOVED reading the final story…SOOOO fun! =)

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