Gift Guide: Seeing Green

Since spring is in the process of springing, green is popping up everywhere. This color could mean anything from rebirth and growth to money, money, money or even envy. Along with all the meanings are the tons of shades. If green is your thing, I think you’ll enjoy this guide.

This hand dyed book from ReadWriteBooks is fantastic for jotting down notes or keeping a journal.

Show off your little green froggy friends with this pendant from Light Mosaics.

Brighten up any little girl’s day with Up From the Ashes’ gorgeous fairy wings.

Kensington Supply Co offers a great shade of lime green in this great asymmetrical necklace.

The green may actually be blue but this print from Seabelly is hard to resist.

How sweet is this dinosaur shirt?? Get it customized with your favorite little boy’s name and number by Sweet 3 Leaf Prints.

Grey Overcast has this perfectly sized green bookmark to brighten up your reading.

This adorable kerchief  from Poppy & Bean would make a great addition to any girl’s adventure.

Any piece from Real Fruit Jewelry is just gorgeous and this kiwi ring does not disappoint.

Thimbletop’s hand embroidered pillow would make a fun addition to any sofa.

If only we could smell this soap! I have a hunch that Volta’s soap would surpass my expectations but I guess I’ll have to buy to confirm that 🙂

It’s hard to pick just one from Mattson – practically every one makes me giggle.

Don’t forget to check out the many more, non-green hued items on etsy!

~Nicole Bruno, A Stitch in Design


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  1. Kensington Supply Co

    Thanks for the Ariba Senorita shout out!

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