Interview with Zoe Einbinder of Real Fruit Jewelry

Posted On April 20, 2011

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Zoe Einbinder is creator/designer of the brand Real Fruit Jewelry. Real Fruit Jewelry is a line of jewelry made from thin slices of real fruit, which she expertly preserves underneath a glassy, hard finish.  The finished pieces are fun and fresh looking and many have the luminous translucent quality of stained glass. Zoe is a self taught jewelry designer. Zoe holds her bachelors degree in sociology from Temple University. Zoe passionately values her education and actively participates in business courses to run her business successfully.  Her passion for jewelry started when she was a small child admiring crystals and rinestones. A week after finishing college she began creating her own jewelry.  Now Real Fruit Jewelry is receiving critical acclaim and sold in stores in Philadelphia.

What is your artistic backround? Describe your work and it origins leading to this point.

I’ve been a self taught jewelry artist for ten years, but I’ve always had a penchant for shiny adornment since childhood.  I was the 5 year old who collected mica rocks and crystals and insisted on wearing dress up rhinestone jewelry to school.  I started making jewelry the week after I graduated from college, it just felt like a natural thing to do. My designs have always been inspired by nature and I try to use the most natural, earthy materials possible, like wood, crystals, glass, and branches. I also get great joy from photographing fruits and vegetables at farmer’s markets, especially cross sections of purple cabbage.  So it was natural to want to incorporate fruit into my jewelry designs.  Nature really is the best designer. I’ve also written and performed 3 autobiographical monologues.  I participated in the Boulder Fringe Fest as a fire dancer, in “When Fire Speaks”.

What is your artistic mission?

o joyfully live a life of my own creation, financed by income from creative endeavors and the healing arts. Real Fruit Jewelry is just one piece.

What are your future plans and aspirations?

I hope to grow Real Fruit Jewelry into a bigger business this year, landing more than several whole sale accounts, and I also plan to go back to grad school to pursue a career in the healing arts.

Where can your work be seen/purchased?

Where work can be seen:
A full list of upcoming shows can be seen on
And a full list of shops that sell Real Fruit Jewelry is at
by Antoinette Karma founder/creative force of HouseofAntoinette1950

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