Giving Hope Style: NEL and Covenant Mercies

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Roselyn who wasn’t living a fairy tale. Roselyn inherited syphilis from childbirth. Her mother died of AIDS and her father abandoned her; she lived with her grandmother. Syphilis had given her sores on her scalp and created an odor so strong other children couldn’t tolerate being around her, so she couldn’t go to school. With one simple treatment Roselyn could be cured, and the price of the cure? One venti skinny latte from Starbucks.

What does this story have to do with Philadelphia? Well, a non-profit just outside the city in Glen Mills, called Covenant Mercies, was able to pay the small sum for Roselyn’s cure through sponsorship money. Covenant Mercies is a non-profit organization, which extends compassion and support to orphans in Uganda, Ethiopia, and Zambia.

Covenant Mercies vision for orphans in these countries are as follows:

  • Enabling extended families of orphans to provide effective care through the Orphan Sponsorship Program
  • Building orphans’ homes
  • Providing adoptive homes for orphaned children
  • Providing Adoption Assistance grants for qualified families through the Orphans Fund

This vision is accomplished through the Orphan’s Initiatives program. The program consists of the orphan sponsorship program and orphan’s homes. The Orphan Sponsorship program is made possible by people who sponsor an orphaned child for $30 a month by filling out the Orphan Sponsorship Pledge form. The money goes towards medical, nutritional, and educational needs.

So, what is NEL and what does it have to do with this non-profit? NEL is my jewelry line, which incorporates only a couple materials to achieve varying creativity. The NEL design aesthetic is based upon simplicity and classic elegance combined with edge. NEL is not just about creating jewelry designs, but about raising awareness and support for non-profits. Now people like you can support this non-profit and in turn help children like Roselyn.

I’ve made a limited number of Hope bracelets for Covenant Mercies, and have priced them at a minimum of $15 with $5 of every purchase going to Covenant Mercies. Each order is packaged with either a tan or red burlap pouch tied with rope and comes with a Hope bookmark as a token of Covenant Mercies.

 But…you can donate more to the non-profit. The minimum amount you pay is $15, but you can set your purchase amount higher than $15; every additional dollar you pay for the bracelet goes fully to Covenant Mercies.
Send me a message on Etsy or email me if you would like to set your purchase amount higher for donations to Covenant Mercies. I will set up a special order for you.

{Order your bracelet here}

{Have a question? Email me here}

-Elizabeth Wann {Writer & Designer}

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