Interview with Kimberlee Peters from Singing Cats Studio

Posted On May 20, 2011

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Introducing Kimberlee Peters from Singing Cats Studio.

Tell us about yourself and your artistic backround?
I am a frustrated artist. When I was about 8-10 years old, I asked my parents for an easel and oil paints. Why, I’m not sure, but clearly I wanted to create. My parents obliged and even paid for an art class; however, the only thing I succeeded in making was colorful blobs. Within a couple of years, though, I completed a sewing badge in girl scouts and turned a years-long obsession with making dolls clothes into a real interest. Fast forward many years, and I attended fashion design school where I learned couture sewing techniques and subsequently started my own business making and designing women’s clothing. At the age of 40, I went back to college to finish a degree that I had started right out of high school and am now a writing professor although my degrees are in philosophy and art history. About five years ago, I took a basic beading class and instantly found my medium. I’ve been making jewelry ever since and have been making beads for about two years.
Describe your work and your techniques
I make beads from polymer clay and use a technique with mica powders that I developed after much experimentation. I also incorporate additional elements into many of my beads and especially like to use antique and vintage buttons. I’ve always loved buttons, so I’ve managed to combine my love of sewing and jewelry making. one of my next steps is to use more fiber in my work. I incorporate my art beads into my finished jewelry.
What are your future plans?
My plans for Singing Cat Studio at this point are to continue to grow my business. I would like to start exhibiting at craft shows and will continue to vend at bead shows. I also want to explore teaching classes, particularly at bead shows.  I create beads and jewelry, and run the business, in addition to teaching, and because my teaching schedule can be very demanding, I sometimes have little time for the business. Fortunately, I have another six weeks off before I start teaching again in July, so I’m working on many, many new projects.
Where do you sell and where can we find your work?
I currently sell my work on Etsy at:
I also have a flickr page at:
My facebook fanpage is at:
I will soon start my blog at blogspot. I’m hoping to use an upcoming road trip to the Southwest as inspiration for new designs and to get the blog going.
by Antoinette Karma founder of  HouseofAntoinette1950

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