CC: Seeing red. Or maybe green?

This little exercise is designed to get you to look around and pay closer attention to your surroundings. Every once in a while, we get so caught up in the routine and the normalcy of it all that we miss what’s right in front of us. I’m hoping these little exercise (which I’ll probably post a bit more often than the involved challenges, just because they’re more fun and easier for everyone to participate) will make you, the audience, stop and take a look around. Trust me, you have the time 🙂

So, look around – post a comment below and list the top five colors you can see just by turning your head. How many colors do you think there are around you right now – 5? 20? 9999999?

6 Responses to “CC: Seeing red. Or maybe green?”

  1. victoria

    yellow, white, black, pink,turquoise,green, red, coral,blue, lavender, orange, lilght blue, dark purple, magenta,burgundy, brown, mint, I could go on and on….

  2. RS

    hmmm let’s see…beige, brown, black, white, dark orange, light orange, dark red, olive green, yellow, red, lime green, grey, light purple and light brown.

  3. MaryJo

    white, orange, chartreuse, tan, chocolate brown, baby blue, (a baby!), grey skies, green leaves, black……deep purple/purple rain! this is turning in to a stream of consciousness!! Love it.

  4. Courtney

    Green, orange, brown, tan, white and black, blue, yellow, red…..oh and pink (my umbrella).

  5. maya

    The top 5 colors I see when I turn my head right are orange, brown, beige, royal blue, and tan. When I turn my head left it’s green, light green, pea green, beige and gray. Thanks for the challenge!

  6. Nicole Flores Bruno

    I love all the adjectives with the colors! Not just plain old blue, red, yellow, but darks, lights, babys, chocolates, peas – it’s great!!

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