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Posted On August 4, 2011

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We all know handcrafted items are worth TONS more than most of the stuff we see in stores, not just because of the quality but also because of the love put into those hand made items. While we all know that buying handmade directly helps those independent businesses out there, there are some tough times that call for less spending. If you’re in this boat but still want to be able to purchase handmade, check out all the items in this gift guide which are priced at $20 or less (not including tax or shipping, where applicable). Happy shopping!

A lovely hair clip from Chloe and Boo

Add some great art to your walls with this lovely print from Seabelly

A fun spiral ring from Klaatu Collection

A small sun dish from Little Flower Designs

A new summer journal from Blue Toad

A vintage styled brooch from d’Olivia Jewelry

Coasters from Thimbletop

An adorable onesie for the pirate fan in your life, from Sweet 3 Leaf Prints

Trial sized lotion from Lilith’s Apothecary

Pick up this fun pin from Amy B’s Jewelry

A sweet turtle from Ang Davidson

A headband from Beck’s Buttons

Earrings from Jerica’s Jewelry

So even if you’re on a tight budget, I hope this guide proved just how many items you can get that will still support the handmade artists around you.  Don’t forget to check out a ton more items available here.

~Nicole Bruno, A Stitch in Design


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