Art and Yoga – perfect together.

Posted On December 21, 2011

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This post is a little different from my usual Multi-Media Material posts since I have been thinking a lot about the connection between making art and practing yoga, especially since I recently did a kid’s yoga teacher training  that really opened up my thinking about both subjects.

So, with that on my mind,  I sat down and made the connection between a half Sun Salutation (a flowing series of yoga poses) and Creativity. Below is the result.

I hope everyone has a happy and healthy holiday season – may it be filled with lots of love & art!


Making Art – Inspired by the Sun Salutation

Stand firmly with your feet facing forward – parallel, weight distributed evenly on all four corners of your feet.

Stand firm in your creativity. Do not be afraid to express yourself. Keep your feet firmly planted and allow your head to reach for the sky. When your foundation is stable, you are free to move.

Reach your arms out to the sides, take up all the space you can grow taller, dive forward, and down.

Do not hesitate, but do not rush. Take up all your desk space, floor space then clean it all up. Be free like a child, dive in head first, then swim up to the surface.

Rise  up halfway, back flat, crown of your head reaching straight out in front of you, fingertips touching the ground.

Let your mind be focused and clear, never lose sight of your foundation.

Your ideas will flow right out in front of you.

Melt forward, feel your heart melting as you bow in gratitiude.

Be thankful for your gifts as an artist. Share them with everyone you can. Thank yourself everyday for being you. Notice how your heart gets bigger and happier when you do this.

Rise up, lift your arms up toward the sky. Bring hands to your heart center. Close your eyes and feel your breath as it breathes you.

Notice the beauty in yourself, your heart and your creative mind. You bring beauty into the world by things you make, the words you speak and the thoughts you think.


Photo by MaryJo

MaryJo Rosania is an artist and yoga teacher living in New Hope, PA.


One Response to “Art and Yoga – perfect together.”

  1. Jen

    Beautiful, and so true!

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