Abington Friends Craft Show

Abington Friends has a craft show each December, and this year was the first time they decided to go handmade only.  How nice!  If you’re not familiar with Jenkintown, it is a little tricky to find the school, however that morning there was a mascot dog waving folks in.

Open free parking was available, and the craft show is in a fairly new building on the ground floor.  Instead of a large open room, the booths were set up all up and down the main halls of the building.  All was on the ground level.There was a large selection of crafts in over 50 booths.  I saw crochet, jewelry, decorations, candy, totes, pottery, and baby items in the mix.  A luncheonette section, where one could buy food and sit down to enjoy, was located centrally.Michelle Ciarlo-Hayes of MKC Photography in Philadelphia had a table that showed several different crafts all in her one booth.  A creative artist indeed!  I first noticed a resin pendant that pictured a pink hydrangea, one of my favorite flowers.  It was encased in a silver bezel and strung on a ribbon. 

Next, there was an illustrated height chart made from vinyl with a sticky back that could be moved several times.  I thought that was a great idea to be able to move the chart if needed.  If that wasn’t enough, Michelle designs her own cloth and sews them into pennants, or buntings as they are sometimes called.

Yet another item are her archival photographic prints showing her imagination and sense of whimsy.  Here is a print of ruby slippers asking a question that perhaps one may not want to answer.   Please note there is already the assumption of being a witch!  All of these photos should enlarge if clicked.The show was held on a Saturday with great fall weather, and it was fairly well attended.   I shall unscientifically note that there seemed to be more lookers than buyers.  It was a nice show to get in your holiday shopping, and there was a nice mix of handmade items for those contemplating a booth for next year.

Written by Diane Olivia


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