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Posted On March 13, 2013

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Studio Space

So many of us crave it… long for it… dream of it.

Then there are the fortunate ones that enjoy it… seek refuge in it… use it for inspiration.

That space, no matter the square footage, speaks volumes of our internal desire to create.  I’m hoping with these bimonthly posts, to speak with all who have successfully created a space for themselves and to share their process of wishes fulfilled.

I love sitting with my cup of tea and dreaming!

I love sitting with my cup of tea and dreaming!

Hi, everyone, I’m Nancy and I’m the owner/creator of From Nancy’s Heart.  I create dimensional wooden ornaments –

And it’s a selfish reason I choose to write on this topic.  I’m reminiscing over a studio space I once had and now long to have once again.

Back in the 90’s, when my wholesaling business was growing at a very rapid pace, my mother ever so gently “Found” me a space in which to work (no longer cluttering her home –  having my own home, I now understand why).  She took a big sigh of relief as that last plastic bin left her house and I walked into my “studio”.  It wasn’t anything special; actually, we all know a space like the one I rented… We’ve all seen it, the end rowhouse, with that Mom & Pop business in what would be the basement of the home.  Well, my studio was once an insurance office – and get this, my monthly rent was $350.00!!  Boy I wish for that now!

I left that space when I purchased my own home – and moved into my basement home studio… for me, I miss the separation of home life andcreating space. Sure, it’s always great to be painting and cooking dinner at the same time but somehow the “art” overran the house; becoming the guest that starts to smell after 5 days.  Well, for me, it’s been  17 years… lots of fun times in my home basement, but now, it’s really starting to reek!

So, thanks to my friend, Nancy, inviting me to join Pinterest ~ I’ve started to covet other spaces and it has lit a fire under me to start moving forward; and slowly pursuing a studio space ~ nowhere remotely close to my home!

(photo courtesy of Craftaholics Anonymous)

(photo courtesy of Craftaholics Anonymous)

Next month, I will be talking with a few of my fellow Handmade Philly folk about their “studio/creative” spaces.  We will be showing their photos and introducing you to possibly your neighbor and learn where and how they create.

In the months ahead, I plan on, also, showing you the various buildings now being converted into artists lofts/spaces to rent in the area of Philadelphia/NJ.

If you have any questions you would like me to ask regarding acquiring a studio space or have a building (not just in the Philadelphia area) you would like to showcase, just email me at fromnancysheart@yahoo.com and use STUDIO SPACES in the subject line. If you have a space you are proud to show off; please, let me know.

Thanks so much and look forward to hearing from you soon!!


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  1. Ruth

    Wonderful! Looking forward to your series!

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