Why I Love Craftybase

Posted On April 4, 2013

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I stumbled across Craftybase while surfing Etsy apps looking for an inventory management system for crafters.  I often found myself overbuying supplies that I didn’t really need.  On top of that, I found myself just breaking even when it came to profit on some of my best selling items.  Something had to give. I’d get an email from a customer asking for a certain quantity and would have to count each item needed, each and every time.how-much-to-charge-for-my-handmade-products

A couple of weeks ago, I took a few days off and anally organized my inventory. I then entered my inventory into Craftybase.  Since then, my life has been easier and I actually saved money.  When I visit the local craft stores, even if something is on sale, I can easily check my stock from Craftybase right on my iPhone  If I have enough, I don’t buy.  If a customer requests a specific item, I don’t have to travel to my “stock room”, I can just look it up online from any computer.

Craftybase even calculates my expenses from Etsy, Ebay and Paypal.  It helps me set prices for my items that are fair but cover my materials and even my labor.  I can even run reports to sehow-to-track-craft-expensese who my best customers are, what items are top sellers and what items are out of stock or low in stock.  As you can tell I really love Craftybase.

I just wanted to share this website with you.  Craftybase gives you a free trial to check out all they have to offer. This is a no-payment required trial.  You only pay and continue if you like it and if you don’t think you have enough time to really try it out, they extend your trial for free!  Craftybase also has a Etsy Team. I included the links to the website and team below:

CraftyBase Website  |   Craftybase Etsy Team

Top Reasons why you should join Craftybase:

  • Inventory management doesn’t have to be chore! Craftybase takes away the time-wasting, making it super simple to track your materials & products so you can concentrate on what you do best.
  • Say goodbye to battling with fiddly Excel spreadsheets – forever!
  • Keep track of where you buy and what you buy – Link purchases and vendors directly to your materials
  • Craftybase will help you discover what prices you need to charge for your products.
  • Never run out of materials again!  Keep sortable, searchable lists of all your materials – accessible anywhere!
  • Create material recipes for the products you make
  • Track your stock with QR codes
  • Keep track of all your expenses  – Craftybase can show you exactly how much each of your items cost to make.
  • Stop undercharging for your handmade products!
  • Keep track of your labor and time
  • Customer and vendor management
  • Sales and invoicing
  • Powerful searching – Finding your records a breeze.
  • Fast & easy to use
  • Industry standard technology to keep your data safe.
  • Daily offsite secure backups , plus you can download your data at anytime for your own records.
  • Personalized, friendly and fast support from the founders.

I was not paid for this post and did not receive anything free in return.  I am a paying Craftybase customer and just wanted to share some helpful software with fellow crafters. The term ‘Etsy’ is a trademark of Etsy, Inc. This blog post is not endorsed or certified by Etsy, Inc. The term ‘Craftybase’ is a trademark of Craftybase. This blog post uses the the name and information from the Craftybase website, but its not certified or endorsed by the company. All images are property of Craftybase.com

Niesha Kennedy-Robinson is a lover of things handmade.  Besides being a wife and a mother, she is the owner and operator of Wee Bit Trendy, a small online shop that provides Handmade Faux Treats for Baby.  She loves DIY (why buy when you can DIY), and doing PR for Sharp with Art Group and West Park Arts Festival.


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