Handmade Philly at the Clay Studio!

Posted On March 12, 2014

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March’s meet up at The Clay Studio in Olde City was fabulous. First, we learned how to alter ceramics using decals and porcelain paint, then, we took a tour of the gallery and the studios. Many thanks to our member, Meg Perine for setting up the event, and to the Clay Studio’s curator, Garth Johnson, for leading the demo and the tour! And to the artists of The Clay Studio, for being so welcoming as we walked around and toured the space.

The Clay Studio offers a variety of events for children and adults, including classes and a very popular Date Night.

We took a ton of photos. So many, in fact, that we will be posting them in two separate posts.

13081870643_66bff5844d_c (1)

Photo Recap! Decal Workshop:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Photo Recap! The Current Exhibit:


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Photo Recap! The Studio Tour:

13083361004_c13a859fe7_c 13083358734_65d4542f32_c 13083147693_c1f55fca4b_c 13083054185_901cc117f1_c 13083113333_bdd7a770bf_c 13083027695_2f3475a0ee_c 13083025525_6ddbcb5653_c 13082700175_900483f370_c

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