Handmade Philly Art Supply Swap!

Posted On August 8, 2014

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Sunday, August 31, 2014 from 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM 

Location: Iron Factory, 118 Fontain St
3rd Floor / 
Philadelphia, PA 19122

Transportation: Just a few blocks from the Berks stop of the Market-Frankford line.

Purchase Ticketshttps://www.eventbrite.com/e/handmade-philly-art-supply-swap-tickets-12568947059


Do you have carving tools laying around, yet long for a set of good pastels? Or vice versa? This swap is made for you. Leave some stuff you don’t need, take some stuff you do.
Quality Items Please!  
Suggested Donation $10 

See FAQs below for guidelines on what to bring, how it works etc.

Art Supply SWAP FAQ

Why are we doing this?

This event is part of a world-wide return to swapping in lieu of trashing and buying.

Many artists admit to hoarding materials they never get around to using, while at the same time lacking funds for stuff they could use. Swapping opens new possibilities for artists to experiment and explore new mediums.

The event also serves as a mixer for area artists. Donation fee goes to pay for venue, to assist with the relocation of the unclaimed items, and to purchase promotional items for Handmade Philly. Please note, this event is exactly 2 hours long. Arrive early or on time!

How does it work?

This event is open to the public. If you have a table, or chairs, please bring them! If you have a table that you can bring, please email event organizer at info@handmadephilly.com to coordinate details. Note, event is on the 3rd floor and unfortunately venue is not handicap accessible. 

What kind of supplies can be brought in for swapping? 

Lightly used paint tubes, blank or prepared canvasses, unwrinkled paper reams, stacks, pads, or large sheets/rolls, gently used tools (like brushes, drafting tools, carving sets, glue guns), bead collections in containers, soft, sealed clay, working sets of markers, books, unopened or barely used adhesives, fibre arts yarns, hooks, etc, collectionsof ephemera or unsusual trinkets for mixed media, easels, new/unopened sets of materials, Dremmel or similar tool, portfolios, drying press, vintage or antique art-making-related items, sets (“everthing you need to make one art quilt”), unopened blocks of clay

NOT desired: used coloring books, completed (or incomplete) artwork, untested

markers, unprotected blades or dysfunctional paper cutters, magazines, CDs, puzzles, half-used

watercolor sets, cans of house paint or other hazardous waste.

What happens to the leftovers?

Unclaimed items will be taken to Resource Exchange, or donated to Handmade Philly. 


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