How we get our supplies

Posted On January 21, 2017

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Hi guys.  My name is Yvanna Sherman. I am a new member here at Handemade Philly. As I am in between major projects and am slowly mastering a new handmade skill I wanted to start a discussion on where we get our materials for what we make. We have a diverse set of artists and craftspeople and use a variety of supplies to make our projects. Whether it’s bottles and cans for an art project on the state of waste in America or fine paper for bookmaking or collage, 3-D pint shops, resins or where to get spinning wheels, paint, rare foodstuffs, tools, specialty lighting, natural dyes or anything else.



I would also like to bring the community together. I’d like some suggestions of which people and places I could feature. As I have a limited experience in just my crafts and in my part of Philadelphia the input of the community would be very welcome. Ideally I’d like to put together a list of quality and reliable sources that we can refer to and use as a whole. I find that I constantly delve into new areas and often crossover into the world of other skills which use new materials and supplies. I have learned so much from being exposed to other crafts, the variety of ideas and skills and the techniques of other artists and craftspeople. I would like to put together a list so that when we need materials or something different from what we are familiar with we can find a reliable place to get what we need. This list can also help out young artists and artisans new to the area. I think it will be a great resource for all while expanding our knowledge, keeping it local and collaborating with the general creative community at large.

I will be posting about a few people/businesses/suppliers in the coming couple of weeks and am looking to to make regular contributions. I will be mostly concentrating on small independently owned places that are in Philadelphia or the surrounding area. Places that work well and have a good reputation withing the community.  On my next two posts I will be concentrating on a few businesses that cater to cooks and people in the textile fields like weaving, spinning, sewing and knitting/crocheting. I also plan to feature a variety of other types of places in the coming weeks so if creations in the kitchen and textiles aren’t your thing give me a suggestion and I will try to include your ideas and interests in a future post. I’m looking forward to your input.



2 Responses to “How we get our supplies”

  1. Ruth Schanbacher

    Yvanna, So glad to have you as contributor. Welcome! Im always on the look out for supplies that can be used for soft sculpture, and for loose weave meshes and fabrics and textiles.

  2. Lisa J.

    Hi Yvanna, don’t know if you are still getting responses, but one place I go to for supplies is The Resource Exchange, the creative re-use center. It has donated art & craft supplies (the BEST that I’ve ever come across secondhand), office supplies, wood, housewares, fabric, yarn, re-made jewelry, scrapbook supplies, etc. For new supplies: Blick, A. C. Moore (the new one at Broad & Chestnut), & Artist & Craftsman. Hope these help.

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