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Today I will be talking about where to get fabric. Some of my friends sew their own products and a lot of homemade artists make their own patterns.  Another acquaintance re-upholsters furniture. Others use fabric and thread in mixed media and some just as accents or finishes.


I will be featuring a  few small businesses, mostly independently owned, where not only can you find fabric but also a place where perhaps one can connect with others in the same community and network.

There are quite a few shops on what is known as Philly’s Fabric Row. Fabric row is a two block stretch on the 700 block of south 4th Street in Queen Village. There used to be 30 fabric shops in the heyday of the mid 20th century, all family owned, but only 10 remain to this day. Fabric row is sort of a one stop shop for all of your textile needs. You can find all sorts of materials in a variety of colors, patterns and weights, leather, fixings, trimmings, thread, rhinestones, decorations, tassels, buttons, zippers, leather, and more. Next is a description of a few of the stores:

Jack B. Fabrics: 748 South 4th Street (215) 925-2991

Jack B. Fabrics was founded in 1985 by Jack and Rose Blumenthal. A fire destroyed the store and several other adjoining businesses in April 2013 and took the life of fire Captain Michael Goodwin. Since then the store has been rebuilt and modernized. It features hundreds of bolts of cloth, lace, trimmings, thread, zippers, elastic, velcro, craft supplies and more.

Fleishman’s: 749 South 4th Street (215) 925-0449

Fleishman’s was founded in 1925 by the father of the current owners, Stanley and Tricia Fleishman. they carry fabric, embellishments, dry cleaning supplies including hangers, plastic wrap and tickets, studs, spikes, leather and pocketbook hardware for crafters.

B. Wilk: 801 South 4th Street (on the corner) (215) 627-1146

B. Wilk was founded y Bernard Wilk in 1954. Today it is run by his daughter Michelle and and her husband Bill Burson. As well as fabric they offer an onsite decorating service.

Maxie’s Daughter: 724 South 4th Street (215) 829-2226

Maxie’s daughter, on the corner of 4th and Monroe Streets is owned by the Trobman family. They offer bridal fabrics and veil material, dress fabrics, drapery, upholstery and vinyl.

Phuong’s Tailor and Fabrics: 757 South 4th Street (215) 551-6704

Phuong’s offers dress fabrics for evening wear, gowns and prom dresses. It is  caters to people who customize and alter their own clothing as well.There is also a custom tailor on premises

Adler’s: 742 South 4th Street (215) 925-8984

Besides more fabric, Adler’s sells foam and poly-fill. Foam can be cut to custom sizes according to your needs.

I hope I could provide a good reference for textiles and related supplies. Please message me or post with any additions, feedback or suggestions you may have.

Next up will be yarn. After that I should be moving away from the sewing/knitting and into sources for found art and collage.


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