Healthy Food Relationships Seminar

Posted On January 11, 2018

Filed under Local Events, Member Spotlight

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Join us for a Hungry Education Seminar, led by Megan Haupt!


Meet the inspiring Megan Haupt:

Let’s get defiant about healthy food relationships and ditch the diet, ALL diets in 2018. I’ll be leading this interactive workshop at @Tulpehocken Exchange in January. Get ready to challenge your beliefs about weight, your body, and food. We’ll cover it all: history, culture, biology, and gender stereotypes. Hope to see you there!

“If we should evolve an aesthetic for women that was appropriate to women it would reflect this diversity, would conceive, indeed celebrate and even love, slenderness in a woman intended by nature to be slim, and love the rounded cheeks of another, the plump arms, broad shoulders, narrow hips, full thighs, rounded ass, straight back, narrow shoulders or slender arms, of a woman made that way according to her nature.” Kim Chernin


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