Photo Recap – Philadelphia Independent Craft Market 2009

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Philadelphia Independent Craft Market, Holiday Edition

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 During Philly’s first snow shower, 7 members of Handmade Philly displayed their handmade crafts at the Philadelphia Independent Craft Market, Holiday Edition. Holiday shoppers also enjoyed free Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer!

Over 5 awesome bands played their original music while we all browsed for that special one-of-a-kind gift. Many thanks to 2424 Studios in Fishtown for allowing the use of their magnificant gallery space.

” Quote – 2424 Studios, Philadelphia’s newest work studio community. Located in Fishtown at the corner of York and Gaul streets, right off of I-95, and convenient to public transportation, 2424 Studios consists of over 100 work studios and/or office suites that range from 350 to over 6,000 square feet. The rents start at $399 per month and units are now available! Also located within 2424 Studios is the “Skybox,” an unparalleled and climate controlled event space of over 6,200 feet that is for tenants’ use, for community use and for rent to the public. 2424 Studios is now open to the public so please feel free to come by any time to take a look.

Money raised by the Craft Market benefitted the 941 Theater. Thanks Julie for organizing another great show!

Not done your holiday shopping? You can always find the Handmade Philly’s members by searching Etsy for “Philly Team“.

It’s that time of year again!


Yes, for the design community of Philadelphia it’s the time of year when studios and galleries open their doors for lectures and meet & greets, samples sales & workshops – it’s DesignPhiladelphia time. There’s so much going on that it would be almost impossible to list them all here (not to mention redundant – check out the website!), but here’s a couple of things I’m excited about checking out:

Oct. 7:
DesignPhiladelphia Kick-Off at LOVE Park!
The Indoor and Outdoor Lounge, created by Minima for the Welcome House, will feature local, national, and international designer furniture.

and while I’m there I’ll be looking at…
The Welcome House
Presented by First Person Arts in collaboration with InLiquid, The Welcome House is an artist residency by day and an art installation by night. The 10′ x 10′ transparent cube will reside in Love Park at 15th and JFK from October 4-13, 2009. Conceived and curated by artist Marianne Bernstein, designed by Interface Studio Architects with nighttime projection by Ricardo Rivera of klip collective, 10 Philadelphia artists and designers will create new work based on their interaction with the public. The work created in The Welcome House will be exhibited at the First Person Festival at the Painted Bride Art Center, Nov. 3-8. It will remain on exhibit through Dec. 31.

Oct. 8:
Philadelphia Fashion Week
Location: 23rd Street Armory
The first annual Philadelphia Fashion Week will include a jam-packed schedule of fashion designers from Philadelphia and across the globe showcasing what is in style. Attendees will have the opportunity to shop with retailers on site between shows. Tickets will be available through advance purchase only.

Philadelphia Fashion Week is a three-day event that will take place from October 8 – 10, 2009 with the following schedule each day:
5:00PM – 6:00PM – The best of student designers from area colleges
6:00PM – 8:00PM – Streetwear designers
8:00PM – 10:00PM – Contemporary couture designers

Oct. 9:
Windows Throughout Old City – Opening Event
“Windows Throughout Old City” is part of a contest sponsored by OCBC as part of the Designphiladelphia celebration. Stroll the historic blocks of Old City filled with window displays designed by students, recent graduates, professionals, and artists in various fields of design. Window tours will commence the week of October 2nd. Hosted at Dane Decor’s lovely Old City Showroom, hor’s d’oeuvres and drinks will be served.

If you’re out and walking around be sure to check out the Old City Cheese Shop window on 160 N. 3rd Street designed by Handmade Philly member Jenny Kellerhals!


Oct. 10:
TangenT Art Collaborative – William Cromar, Yvonne Love, and Gabrielle Russomango – present 709B. Multiple video projections featuring performance artists Joel Richard Gori and Sasha Tainovch and a free art “takeaway” are just part of this TangenT production. Mapping and projection are a means by which identity and place are distilled and presented, often conveying only a strategic truth. This work is a multimedia meditation on the friction that exists between reality and its presentation to ourselves and others. Rittenhouse Square, adjacent to Parc restaurant.

Oct. 11:
2nd Annual Philly Swap-O-Rama Rama

and hopefully a little…
Philly PoP- A PoP Up Experience Shop
“Philly PoP- A PoP Up Experience Shop” in downtown Philadelphia is part of an ongoing series of traveling “PoP Up Experience Shops” whereby participants use their background in art and design to transform an unconventional space into a fashion, art and music house for one day. Showcasing the work of Philadelphia and New York based fashion designers, artists and graphic designers, Philly PoP invites members of the public to partake in a fun, interactive display of design. Attendees will also be able shop the collections of featured designers and artists. Please RSVP to

Oct. 12:
Join us for a talk on how to have your work seen and published. An overview of how to gain the attention of writers, editors, competition jurors, and the masses. Presentation includes a discussion of public relations tactics and case studies from Go Welsh, a design studio based in Lancaster, PA.

Oct. 13:
Sneak Peek of 10 Rittenhouse Square
Join host ARCWheeler, the project’s developer, and other project participants for this exclusive sneak peek, guided hard hat tour of 10 Rittenhouse Square, the newest luxury residential building to open in Philadelphia.

and of course…
Ignite Philly
Ignite Philly is part of a worldwide network that entertains and educates people in fresh, short bursts. Each presenter is on stage for a total of 5 minutes â�� 20 slides, running in 15 second intervals. For DesignPhiladelphia 2009, presenters will tackle design-related issues in the nightclub setting of Fishtown’s Johnny Brenda’s. Join us for a DesignPhiladelphia closing event.

Hope to see you out!

September Meeting Pics

Philadelphia Buyer’s Market ~ Part 1

buyer's market 1

(top-most photo of the Felties booth by Sqrl&BeeStudio – Melissa Frueh)

This past weekend I had the privilege of attending the semi-annual Philadelphia Buyer’s Market as a member of the press for the Handmade Philly blogging community, and what a show! Many of the artisans that I spoke to who had done the show previously remarked that it was a small show, but my mind was blown as it took me 3 hours to walk from one side of the convention hall to the other looking at all of the work.

The Buyer’s Market is a private show, usually only open to those who wish to sell their handmade goods wholesale to industry professionals. It’s not like an art/craft show in that buyers are there to look at and order work in bulk. The investment on the part of artists exhibiting their work is high (usually a booth space costs between $1,500 – $3,500 a show), with the potential for a big return if their work manages to charm a couple of wholesale buyers. The work ranges from jewelry, wood, mixed media, paper goods, fashion, beauty, ceramics, glass, sculpture, fine art, to housewares.

With over 1,500 artists displaying their work, there’s no way I could fairly summarize everything I looked at and loved. So, instead I’ll be highlighting about a dozen sellers that really caught my eye over a 3 part blogging adventure! Let’s get started!

1. Homemade Circus by Tammy Smith

handmade circus
This whimsical little booth delighted me to no end with circus themed wire lamps, wall hangings with attached brooches, standing sculptures and big top flare. “On an abandoned pier in Brighton, England I found my inspiration. The carnival on the pier had burned to the ground. Only the steel frame existed and hundreds of birds had made it their home…this became the basis for a lot of my work,” wrote Tammy Smith on her website. A little sweet, a little dark and completely delightful. For your buying pleasure more Homemade Circus is also on Etsy at

2. Dovetail by Margaret & Josh Smith


Simple and elegant ceramics with charming hand drawn designs. Each piece is handmade with several illustrations including bicycles, alphabets, chairs, neighborhoods, ocean life, and poppies. Way cooler than white Ikea plates. Pick up some of your own at the Dovetail Etsy shop:

3. Revolutionary Designs, Rick & Donna Chrisman

revolutionary design

These baskets are so finely made that it’s stunning how consistant the craftsmanship is for handmade baskets and boxes. Working in Arizona, the Chrismans base much of their work on Shaker crafts and designs. Not only are they exceptional baskets, but the wood and oils smell so great!

4. Christine Originals


These shadowbox dioramas remind me of travels and beloved classic movies, with scenes set in Paris, New York, Florence, and Venice among others. There are also color dioramas of nursey rhymes and fairy tales, as well as fantastic still lives (some even light up!). Shown just a tad smaller than actual size – amazing, right?!

Part 2 of the Philadelphia Buyer’s Market review on Friday! (Original Post via

Local Events: Hidden City Philadelphia

(posted by Jen McCleary)

Hidden City Philadelphia is an upcoming Philly arts festival (May 30-June 28, 2009) that looks absolutely fascinating! I love secret places that have been lost to time, decaying quietly, with only a few people still aware of their existence.  According to the project’s website:

“There are many historical and architectural landmarks around Philadelphia that at one time were all important to the city’s neighborhoods, but their significance – and in some cases their existence – has been forgotten over the years, making them hidden to the people who walk, run, or drive by them every day.  Performing and visual artists have created dance, music, sculpture, video, print, and mixed media pieces inspired by the history and architecture of their selected sites to draw attention back to the important people and places forming Philadelphia.”

Did you know that Philly had a Metropolitan Opera House on N. Broad St? Neither did I! It’s still beautiful, and will be home to a performance during this event.


This is just one of many interesting forgotten places that will be home to art of various kinds during the event! Check out the website for more information. I hope to go see some of these and report back about them!  (Many thanks to Kathy from Artista and our own Ruth, who coincidentally both let me know about this on the same day.)

Philly Etsy Team wins 3rd Place at the Pabst Blue Ribbon Craft Challenge!

Headliner Band, (as seen in above slideshow): Wes Mattheu and the New Way Down, Thanks to all of the bands who played at the PBR Craft Challenge! The Sideshow Prophets, Kill You in the Face, The Great Unknown, and Univox

Philly Etsy Team wins 3rd Place in the Pabst Blue Ribbon Crafting Challenge
Congrats to all of the PBR Craft Challenge Winners!

On Saturday February 21st a few of the Philly Etsy Team members got together and shared a table for the Pabst Blue Ribbon Crafting Challenge, organized by the Philadelphia Independent Craft Market, and sponsored by Pabst!

Please see Rebecca's blog for more PBR Event Pictures! Please see Rebecca's blog for more PBR Event Pictures! Please see Rebecca's blog for more PBR Event Pictures!
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Honorable Mention: Bettie and Earl

Honorable Mention - Bettie and Earl PBR Craft Challenge

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NY Etsy Team Member BeadscarfRight next to the Philly Etsy Team Table was a member of the New York Etsy Team “ Please see the New New Team’s, (NY,) Etsy profile, and their blog.

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The Philly Etsy Team was also interviewed by Nick Diulio, Beer Expert, Writer, among many other things. Please visit Nick’s blog to read more about him!

There were many other crafters who attended this all-PBR Themed Craft Challenge. If you were present at this event please leave a comment with your website information!

* It was just so difficult to include every crafter here, but we just had to give one last shout out to Amanda Shames Illustration!

Amanda Shames Illustration

Thanks to for yelping about this special PBR Event!

Please click Play >> to view pictures of their Jenga game!

And last but not least a huge all-time thank you to Julie of the Philadelphia Independent Craft Market, and Daniel the Field Marketing Manager of Pabst!

Please be sure to visit the official PBR Website, and PBR Art Gallery!

Philly Etsy Team Supply Swap!

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