Design Curator: Design Blog Pick

On my quest to curate top design sites and blogs I stumbled across a gem. In the jungle of social networks, namely Pinterest, I dug up the Design Work Life blog by Seamless Creative.

Seamless Creative is a New York City-based design studio, where creatives Brian and Courtney offer a variety of services from branding to marketing and beyond. Design Work Life is where Brian and Courtney catalog their daily inspirations.

Boy, did I hit the jackpot. Brian and Courtney’s blog shouts creativity. Each post dishes up scrumptious goodies for the eyes and mind. If you need a place to look for inspiration, come here!

Abstract Colors by Alessandro Pautasso (aka Nosurprises) is an illustration project with a portrait series of classic movie stars. There is the post about Edge & Barrett’s branding project for a high-end East London Boutique, 11 Boundary. Then there is my favorite: the hand-embroidered Penguin book cover illustrations by Rachell Sumpter. Search the blog for your favorite and find your gem of inspiration.


Elizabeth Wann {Jewelry Designer & Writer}