Handmade in Philly with Love


Buying local handmade goods shouldn’t be limited to just Farmer’s Markets and other Food vendors. Why buy products that are mass produced without tender love and care?  You can find quality handmade items right here in our lovely city of Philadelphia.

Spring is a great time for craft shows and fairs, art exhibits and installations.  Before this year is over, support a Philadelphia creator by buying locally.  There is a great market for crafted items right around the corner, right in your neighborhood.  From clothing to jewelry to baby items to portraits even cups and plates, that is made right here in Philly.


The Handmade movement is only growing and getting better as time goes.  Join the movement buy supporting your local artist.  When you do, you are helping a little girl get theatre lessons, a little boy get his team jersey, helping a mom and dad buy groceries and a family pay a mortgage.


Almost everything you can purchase retail, you can purchase handmade, from home goods, to clothing and shoes to gifts, the next time you have to buy something, think handmade.

Niesha Kennedy-Robinson is a lover of things handmade.  Besides being a wife and a mother, she is the owner and operator of Wee Bit Trendy, a small online shop that provides Handmade Faux Treats for Baby.  She loves DIY (why buy when you can DIY), and doing PR for Sharp with Art Group and West Park Arts Festival.

Fall in love with autumn!

I am so in love with fall. For me, it’s the greatest time of the year! I love the feeling of a fresh start, the chill to the air, and the crunch underfoot. It’s also a spectacular prelude to the winter chaos to come (I hope! :)). In the spirit of fall, back to school, and all those fabulous jewel tones, I’ve gathered some wonderful items for this month’s gift guide. Enjoy!

If you’re anything like me, every year you get a small tinge of wishing you were heading back to school. The semi-free days, the falling leaves, the term papers… Even if you’re not heading back to the books, pick up this awesome little notepad to remind you of days of yore (waaaay before we typed papers on our laptops) available from Mollie Dog Paper.

You can never have too many pieces of jewelry! Add to your fall collection and pick up this great little bracelet available from d’Olivia Jewelry.

I’m sure you’ve all heard about the stink bug epidemic coming to a house near you this fall! Grab this onesie featuring a similar but much cuter bug for your little one by Superdeduper.

Looking for a utility necklace that you can wear with your work clothes and your evening gown? Purchase this fantastic necklace from Chandeluse and you’ll always have coordinating jewelry.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been on a redecorating kick this month. Update your house or apartment quickly by swapping out the light switch covers. This one would work perfectly in my sewing room but Aurora21112 has tons of others, check out her shop!

It’s extremely hard for me to get through an entire gift guide without choosing a food item. And fall is no different! Pick up an order (or two!) of these delicious pierogies from Polish Goodness. Not a fan of pierogies? Try their pulled pork instead!

I find myself curling up in a chair and reading a ton of books in the fall. And as an avid reader, I’m always on the lookout for a fun new bookmark. Check out this item from The Rebirth of Nyela – a custom painted bookmark! It’s like having your own travel sized custom created artwork snug between the pages.

Fall also brings the return of indoor concerts. And what better item to sport to said concerts than this awesome tiara from Up from the Ashes. I can just see the lights bouncing off the stars now!

Snag these deep green earrings from Wydinya Studio to compliment any fall outfit. Not digging the color? She offers a few different options for these lovelies so check out her shop!

Whew, it’s going to be hard to keep my bonus money in my pocket this upcoming October (I told you I love fall!!) with all these gorgeous handcrafted items available from the wonderful artists in Handmade Philly.

Don’t forget about the many offerings from the wonderful members of Handmade Philly!

Suggestions, ideas, critiques, or feedback? Leave it in the comments! Thanks for reading!

~Nicole Bruno, A Stitch in Design