CC: In 10 or less…

Of course your life has been packed with memories, events, family and experiences that have helped influence and shape the person you are today. I’m sure each of you could write a book, if not at least a few chapters, explaining how you became the person that’s reading this right now.

In ten words or less, write your biography. If you’re stumped on a cohesive biography, give us ten or less that describe you. Post them in the comments section below!

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Bijoux by Allison

The winner will be chosen at random on Tuesday, June 7th. Thanks for participating!


UPDATE: Even though she didn’t quite follow the rules, chose MARYJO as the winner!!! Thank you!

CC: Make your Marquee

Each and every one of us will make our mark on the world whether it’s through our brilliant ideas or through the lives we touch. Well don’t wait until it’s too late – make your marquee right now! In the comments section below, let us know what the marquee to the movie of your life would say.

By participating in this challenge, you’re automatically eligible to win this cream lariat from Elegant Crochets! The winner will be chosen on May 10th. Thanks for participating!


Thanks for participating!

CC: Come Spin A Tale

This week’s challenge is going to be a little different. This time around we need the whole of the internets to show themselves and continue our story along! To participate, you can write a sentence or a paragraph, but please try to build off the last comment.
And if you’re first to comment, please use the starter sentence and photo at the end of this post.

By adding your portion to the story, you’ll be eligible to win this matted 8×10 photograph from Heidi Falatek of HUGS.

The winner will be announced on Tuesday, February 8th. That should give us plenty of time to weave a interesting tale. Please use the prompt below and let your imagination run wild!

When the jostling woke Gunther up, he rubbed his eyes in confusion and tried to recall what he was doing on this train.

UPDATED: And the winner is…
#3 – Jan!

Thanks so much to everyone for participating – I loved reading everyone’s additions (I’m so happy zombies were introduced!! Haahah!)  and hope you all enjoyed it as well!

CC: Bumper Sticker Confessional

We’ve all seen them.

I know I’m not the only one who inches closer just to read that last word or catch that last sticker’s message before the light turns. I’m always amazed at the messages people carefully (or carelessly?) display like a signboard across the back of their cars. So, how much do you think we can tell about a person from their bumper stickers? Are they outgoing and aggressive? Or too shy to say their opinions so their car speaks for them? Let me know what you think in the comments below! OR get creative and come up with a bumper sticker slogan that epitomizes one of your viewpoints right now.

Just for participating, you’re eligible to win this fabulous pair of earrings from MWM Designs! The winner will be chosen on Tuesday, January 18th.

UPDATE: has spoken and it’s #3: Jeanne!! CONGRATS!

CC: Ink Yourself

At the moment,  friend and I are putting the finishing touches on drawings we plan to get as tattoos in January. While neither of the tattoos will be words or phrases, I absolutely love what the language lovers at Contrariwise are doing.

What phrase, quote or lyric captures you so perfectly that you’d get it permanently inked on your body?

This week’s challenge winner will win  a pair of crocheted shell shocked earrings created by Courtney Walton!!

The winner will be announced on Tuesday, Dec 21.
Thanks for participating and GOOD LUCK!!

UPDATE:  I thoroughly apologize for the delay in choosing a winner! But has spoken and it’s #6: Traci!! Thanks so much for playing everyone!


CC: Breakin’ it down

Posted On October 14, 2010

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I’ve been lucky enough to be on this earth for 27 years, 9 months, and 4 days. Beyond my family, there are only a handful of people who’ve known me since the beginning and a whole lot who’ve only known a few of those years or months. To catch everyone up on all the missed time, here’s my life – the Cliffs Notes version:

Can you boil down your entire life to just a few words? Using five words, take me through your life so far.

This week’s giveaway is a lovely pair of earrings from MWM Designs. The description: Hammered silver links, tiny green serpentine rounds, sterling silver earwires, retail value: $15. Enter to win in the comments below and I’ll announce the winner on Tuesday, October 26th.

Thanks for participating!

PS. The giveaways are open to the general public. You need not be a Handmade Philly member to participate or comment!

UPDATE: And the winner is…


Thanks to everyone for participating!

Creative Challenge: Oh, the weather outside is frightful

No? It’s not? I’m the only one missing the snow? For those of you eagerly awaiting cooler weather or those just trying to beat the heat, time to break out the snowflakes!! Don’t be intimidated by the steps, I’ve tried to document them all to make it easier on even the newest computer user 🙂 Just be warned, cutting out snowflakes is addicting!

  1. Visit this site – – and cut out your own snowflake.
  2. Click on “Preview Flake”
  3. If it’s exactly how you like it, click on “Save My Flake”. If not, cut some more!
  4. Give it a name, then click “Submit”
  5. Click on “Download my Flake”
  6. Click on “View Image”
  7. Admire your amazing abilities
  8. Right click on the snowflake and click on “Copy Image Location”
    Paste that location into the comments section below
  9. Admire all the snowflakes and keep your fingers crossed for real ones to come soon!! (No? Just me?) OR cut out lots more and enjoy the rest of the heat before the real ones come 🙂

This week’s challenge comes along with a great giveaway for enjoying the last of summer’s sun – a great sun catcher available from Jeanne of Intuition. All of you lucky participants will be eligible to win it! You have until Tuesday, August 31st to make it snow!

UPDATED: Our big winner is… #3 – JAN!!!! Thanks so much for playing!

Good luck!

~Nicole Bruno

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