Design Curator: Design Website Pick

Many of my posts have covered elements of design: timelessness, uniqueness, and simplicity. Last month I featured Sultana Maria Jewelry, whose designs exemplify the element of uniqueness. A new addition to my posts will feature design blogs and websites. I will curate the most fun, educational, and inspiring sites for your reading and viewing pleasure.

My first pick is Design Sponge. This website has so many tasty slices of design pie, which makes the whole pie a gourmet delight. So much good stuff is packed into this site that it’s easy to let the time slip by as you browse. Design Sponge is best known for its DIY projects and videos, as well as its before and after design makeovers. Want to know how to do faux French windows? Pattern fan blades?  What about turning a birdcage into a chandelier?

For a variety of design columns, from recipes, DIY projects, mixing drinks, entertaining, and much more, Design Sponge has it all. Biz Ladies is a section on the site with business advice for women. If you are an artist and want to learn how to market your work, sell, and grow your business, then you need to be checking out this section everyday.

If you need some creative inspiration when you are entertaining, Design Sponge is where it’s at. Whether you want to decorate a room, plan a party or mix a drink you can come to Design Sponge and soak up its creativity for all your design projects.

{If you have recommendations for a design blog or website feature please let me know below in the comments section.}

Elizabeth Wann ~ Writer & Designer