Gift Guide: Baubles All Around

Spring has sprung and now we’re full on into June. Since June has historically been the most popular month for weddings, what better way to celebrate than to purchase yourself some brand new baubles for each lovely event. With the huge selection available from Handmade Philly members, you’re sure to find something that strikes your fancy.

These eclectic earrings from Claire McDermott would go with almost any outfit.

Love the simplicity in EcoLogik’s necklace.

Finch and Flower’s necklace would add just a little more class to any dress.

These sweet simple earrings from Say Hi Beth would be a great topper to your little black dress.

Every girl needs a dramatic cocktail ring like this one from House of Antoinette.

Stay true to your recycling roots with these bicycle tire earrings from Please Bike Thanks.

Love this unique necklace from Lost World Relics.

If you’d like to personalize your jewelry, pick up this pendant from Singing Cat Studio and add your own chain or ribbon.

Vitique has quite a few stellar necklace options to pair with any color dress.

If your partial to pearls, pick up these great colored pearls from Dawn Boyer Jewelry.

Top off your outfit with this great bracelet from Athena’s Disciple.

Love how classic this piece is from Peaceable Empire.

Here’s another bracelet option – a bit more dramatic from Glamorosi.

And even though you may not be the bride, who says you can’t have gorgeous barrettes as well?? Pick up this lovely option from Love Honor Upcycle.

Once again the fantastic members of Handmade Philly haven’t let us down!! If you’re looking for any other jewelry options (or really any kind of gift for that matter), don’t forget to check out the numerous gift items here.

~Nicole Bruno, A Stitch in Design

Gift Guide: Baby Love

Does it seem like everyone is having babies or is it just me? Even if your friends or family are not currently expecting, there is always a niece/nephew/grand child/god child/step sister/half brother/ you-get-the-idea’s birthday coming up. And you’re in luck – the artisans of Handmade Philly have a great range of items for you to pick up for even the littlest one in your life.

This hand embroidered book from MaryJo Rosania is such a sweet gift idea which the parents will definitely love.

Talk about handy! Pick up one of these from Wrap-A-Doodle for all the new moms on your list.

Do little onesies get any sweeter? Sweet3Leaf Prints may have cornered the market.

Soft squishy letters available from Poppy & Bean are the perfect addition to any newborn’s room.

Wooly Baby has soo many options available! Check out the website for everything from hi top and low top options to almost every color of the rainbow.

SqrlBee may have created the most adorable rattle ever. I’d have a hard time giving this to baby to actually use 🙂

Pick up this sweet T from Bud and Branch to celebrate spring with your favorite toddler.

What better way to celebrate the news with your best friend than to gift her this great opportunity from The Lettered Set??


Pick up this hilarious and cute print for your nephew who will giggle every time he sees it. Available from YouWannaTalkJive.

When you purchase this sweet baby outfit from Steel Pony, it also comes with a gift for mom!

If all else fails, there is no way to celebrate a new baby or a toddler’s birthday than with a batch of cookies from The Kitchen Witch Cookie. Yum!!

Feel free to check out thenumerous gift items available from the wonderful members of Handmade Philly!


~Nicole Bruno, A Stitch in Design

Gift Guide: Seeing Green

Since spring is in the process of springing, green is popping up everywhere. This color could mean anything from rebirth and growth to money, money, money or even envy. Along with all the meanings are the tons of shades. If green is your thing, I think you’ll enjoy this guide.

This hand dyed book from ReadWriteBooks is fantastic for jotting down notes or keeping a journal.

Show off your little green froggy friends with this pendant from Light Mosaics.

Brighten up any little girl’s day with Up From the Ashes’ gorgeous fairy wings.

Kensington Supply Co offers a great shade of lime green in this great asymmetrical necklace.

The green may actually be blue but this print from Seabelly is hard to resist.

How sweet is this dinosaur shirt?? Get it customized with your favorite little boy’s name and number by Sweet 3 Leaf Prints.

Grey Overcast has this perfectly sized green bookmark to brighten up your reading.

This adorable kerchief  from Poppy & Bean would make a great addition to any girl’s adventure.

Any piece from Real Fruit Jewelry is just gorgeous and this kiwi ring does not disappoint.

Thimbletop’s hand embroidered pillow would make a fun addition to any sofa.

If only we could smell this soap! I have a hunch that Volta’s soap would surpass my expectations but I guess I’ll have to buy to confirm that 🙂

It’s hard to pick just one from Mattson – practically every one makes me giggle.

Don’t forget to check out the many more, non-green hued items on etsy!

~Nicole Bruno, A Stitch in Design

GG: Purple Haze

Purple seems to be the choice color of autumn, so deep and rich and lovely. There’s no wonder why it was the color of royalty once you see all the gorgeous items in this hue made by our Handmade Philly cohorts.

Beck’s Buttons is offering these great guitar pick earrings in a few other colors, just in case purple isn’t your thing.

This is a perfect substitution for real flowers in your hair by Bijoux by Allison.

Perk up your morning tea (or afternoon tea) with this dainty little cup by Little Flower Designs.

Can you see the hidden message? Love the idea behind this gem of a necklace by Rachel Shoshana.

Apparently I’m drawn to these barrettes by Paisley by Justine, since I featured the orange version in a gift guide earlier this year 🙂 Wearing leather in the fall goes together like PB & J.

Put your love of purple on full display with these showstoppers by Jerica’s Jewelry.

Get prepared for the chill that’s coming with this cowl and mittens set by Lemonhalf.

This versatile little clutch by Momo Trees will keep your purple wild side tucked away inside.

These perfectly deep purple chandeliers by Chandeluse will dress up any outfit in a snap.

You may just want to wrap up in this scarf and curl up inside – it looks so warm and cozy! Maybe we can convince the Blue Betty Shop to make a blanket for us…

All eyes will be on you when you sport this eye catching wire and bead necklace by MWM Designs.

Just perfect for the little girl in your life, check out this sweet purple monkey by Ang Davidson.

Speaking of a purple blanket, here’s a gorgeous one made by Spinning Sheep.

Time to add some purple to your walls with this sweet bull painting by The Lettered Set.

Hope you found a little bit of purple love in this guide! And as always,  don’t forget about the many offerings from the wonderful members of Handmade Philly!

I also wanted to just say thank you to everyone for all your encouragement and participation in my posts. It’s great to be a member of Handmade Philly, surrounded by such talented, motivated individuals. Have a great Thanksgiving (for all of you in the states)!!

~Nicole Bruno, A Stitch in Design

Gift Guide: Red is where it’s at!

One of my personal fave colors, red is in full abundance this time of year in the northeast. So many of those lovely green trees have turned a spectacular ruby red color, showing off a bit before dropping all their leaves for winter. I’d like to celebrate autumn in full bloom with a gift guide chock full of red.

This gorgeous red scarf from Elegant Crochets is the perfect addition to any fall wardrobe.

Keep it all written down and near at hand with this double duty handmade journal & sketch pad from Blue Toad.

A girl can never have too many accessories! Mels Bells offers this flower in a number of colors along with a kilt pin to adorn your favorite fall cardigan.

Get ready for the crisp chilly days and the wonderful smell of peppermint with these sparkly beauties from Mamoucha Soaps.

Lil Griffin Designs has exactly what you need to send out any Halloween notes with these festively embellished note cards.

Add a little color to your walls with this deep red snap shot of South Philly available from Chubby Cat Creations.


Of course you have a little black dress, but do you have fantastic earrings like these raven earrings from Glamorosi to pair it with? I didn’t think so…

The individuality of Philadelphia’s residences come through loud and clear on their front doors. Pick up this great photo from Allison Ostertag to liven up your walls.

111Collage Design has captured my heart with this fantastic red maple leaf collage.

Grab these dazzling hair combs from Love Honor Upcycle to liven up any outfit!

I love the Autumn photograph from Jen McCleary and am super psyched to find it in a more portable form – a lens transformed into a pendant.

If you’re into more natural jewelry, pick up this great aragonite crystal necklace from Peaceable Empire.

Although autumn means your tanks will be hidden under many more layers, this super soft version from Steel Pony would be perfect for yoga or as a base layer until it can be in full display.

Don’t forget about the many offerings from the wonderful members of Handmade Philly!

Suggestions, ideas, critiques, or feedback? Leave it in the comments! Thanks for reading!

~Nicole Bruno, A Stitch in Design

Fall in love with autumn!

I am so in love with fall. For me, it’s the greatest time of the year! I love the feeling of a fresh start, the chill to the air, and the crunch underfoot. It’s also a spectacular prelude to the winter chaos to come (I hope! :)). In the spirit of fall, back to school, and all those fabulous jewel tones, I’ve gathered some wonderful items for this month’s gift guide. Enjoy!

If you’re anything like me, every year you get a small tinge of wishing you were heading back to school. The semi-free days, the falling leaves, the term papers… Even if you’re not heading back to the books, pick up this awesome little notepad to remind you of days of yore (waaaay before we typed papers on our laptops) available from Mollie Dog Paper.

You can never have too many pieces of jewelry! Add to your fall collection and pick up this great little bracelet available from d’Olivia Jewelry.

I’m sure you’ve all heard about the stink bug epidemic coming to a house near you this fall! Grab this onesie featuring a similar but much cuter bug for your little one by Superdeduper.

Looking for a utility necklace that you can wear with your work clothes and your evening gown? Purchase this fantastic necklace from Chandeluse and you’ll always have coordinating jewelry.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been on a redecorating kick this month. Update your house or apartment quickly by swapping out the light switch covers. This one would work perfectly in my sewing room but Aurora21112 has tons of others, check out her shop!

It’s extremely hard for me to get through an entire gift guide without choosing a food item. And fall is no different! Pick up an order (or two!) of these delicious pierogies from Polish Goodness. Not a fan of pierogies? Try their pulled pork instead!

I find myself curling up in a chair and reading a ton of books in the fall. And as an avid reader, I’m always on the lookout for a fun new bookmark. Check out this item from The Rebirth of Nyela – a custom painted bookmark! It’s like having your own travel sized custom created artwork snug between the pages.

Fall also brings the return of indoor concerts. And what better item to sport to said concerts than this awesome tiara from Up from the Ashes. I can just see the lights bouncing off the stars now!

Snag these deep green earrings from Wydinya Studio to compliment any fall outfit. Not digging the color? She offers a few different options for these lovelies so check out her shop!

Whew, it’s going to be hard to keep my bonus money in my pocket this upcoming October (I told you I love fall!!) with all these gorgeous handcrafted items available from the wonderful artists in Handmade Philly.

Don’t forget about the many offerings from the wonderful members of Handmade Philly!

Suggestions, ideas, critiques, or feedback? Leave it in the comments! Thanks for reading!

~Nicole Bruno, A Stitch in Design

Gift Guide: For the DIYer – aka: YOU!

This is the time of year that I like to gather my list and start purchasing my supplies for all the gifts I’ll be whipping up for the holidays. Yes, I do realize that it’s Aug 31 (soon to be Sept!) but I’m one of those, “Dude, I could make that” people. So I buy all the supplies then I procrastinate until December 20th when I need to either whip up all the gifts or order the originals with expedited shipping. So here’s everyone’s chance to go through your “I could make that” list and just give in early and make those purchases now. It’ll be soooooo much less crazy once December rolls around, I promise!

This is the perfect gift for the pet lover on your list. It’s available custom made from Mary Jo Rosania and I love the idea of having a pillow with my fave furry one on it! This is great when the furry one is still snuggling with you and even more cherished when he’s gone to the big snuggle house in the sky.

Have a new little one in your life? These awesome slippers are made by Wooly Baby and are available for both girls and boys – perfect for the cooler weather that’s coming (I swear, it is). Like me and have no idea about children’s sizes? Get a gift certificate!

This might be the most hilariously awesome print for any nature/animal lover out there. Brighten up a cube and make a coworker smile with this “Chinchillin’ Like a Villain” print created by YouWannaTalkJive.

You’ll save TONS of time and headache by purchasing this lovely reverse decoupaged plate for the host/hostess with the mostess on your list! This is available from Insitu Decorative Arts but be sure to check out the shop for other patterns.

Guaranteed to make the recipient giggle, pick this print up from Mattson Studio for the donut lover in your life. He’ll understand 🙂

Know someone who’s holding on to summer? Pick up this delightful collage from 111Collagedesign to extend the daydreams into the winter months.

Can’t knit (nor crochet)? Don’t have your own hand loom? Then it would be best to just save yourself the headache of even attempting to recreate this gorgeousness. Keep your favorite girl warm and pick up this lovely little number from Lillian Jackson Knitwear.

This might be the most fun little skirt ever! There aren’t very many items to suit your mathematically inclined girl friend’s so make sure you grab this skirt from Chloe & Boo before it’s too late!

While I don’t recommend purchasing these early, you might want to order yourself some right now. Ya know, just to taste test them before sending to everyone you know. Stop by the Kitchen Witch website to sample the other varieties.

For the earth mother in your life, pick up this sweet mosaic from – who else? – Earth Mother Mosaics!

If you’re anything like me, you probably have a ton of wee ones on your list but are unsure of purchasing (or making) yet another toy. Fret no more – pick up this adorable t shirt from Sweet3LeafPrints and get it customized!

There is no chance of me ever even attempting to recreate this statement piece – best to purchase the wonderful original available from Claire McDermott.

Oh my goodness, these earrings are super cool! The nerd in your life would LOVE them (trust me :))! And you’re even able to personalize the compound! Please, do yourself a favor and grab these from Van Studio while you can.

Yet another item that I’m just not sure I’m willing to attempt. And even if I did, there’s no way it would come out as lovely as this bright orange piece available from Mudd Lotus.

Don’t bother with the individual pieces – grab the gift basket!! Lillian’s Apothecary has some divine items available (said from experience!) but the gift basket is the best choice to make your recipient feel pampered.

For those of you who actually will attempt to knit or crochet your gift items, pick up some hand dyed yarn from Blue Betty to give your item an extra hint of pizazz.

And for the one with everything, grab a gorgeously hand crafted and 100% useful flask made by Beccaroon.

Wow, there are so many gorgeous items out there! Though I do plan to make some purchases soon, there’s still a good chance I may procrastinate with my delusions of diy grandeur.  Hopefully everyone in Handmade Philly offers expedited shipping 🙂

Don’t forget about the many offerings from the wonderful members of Handmade Philly!

Suggestions, ideas, critiques, or feedback? Leave it in the comments! Thanks for reading!

~Nicole Bruno, A Stitch in Design

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