GG: It’s not easy being green

With all those gorgeous handmade items available from the various Handmade Philly members, it’s so hard to pick just a few for a guide!! I know green has been used as a focus in the past but I think it’s definitely one worth going back to especially as all our green leaves start slipping away.  I’m sure you’ll agree after you’ve checked out the following items, available now (just click the picture!).

Green printed shirt from Bud and Branch

Felted Wool Mobile from SqrlBee

Green (while they’re not green in the photo, you can custom order them in green!! With any monogram you’d like! :)) monogrammed napkins from MaryJo Rosania

Chompin Broccoli print from You Wanna Talk Jive

Mung Bean Pendant from Real Fruit Jewelry

Three pack card set from Mattson

The Andrea from Steel Pony

Frida earrings from Night Owl Designs

Thank you notes from The Lettered Set

Green cloth mobile from Poppy and Bean

Sewing basket by BGartman

Stuffed owl from Crinoline

Papier mache pear from Insitu Decorative Arts

For purple, blue, white – or any other color you can think of – check out more items available here!

~Nicole Bruno, A Stitch in Design

GG: Autumn Glory

Ahh, finally the autumn is upon us! Even though the weather here in the northeast is kind of faking us out (high 70s and humidity?? where am i?!?), I promise that fall is on its way. And in preparation for this lovely season to come, I’ve gathered some wonderful items from the artisans of Handmade Philly.

Neck cowl from Lemonhalf

Fingerless Mitts from Blue Betty Shop

Autumn leaves necklace from Chandeluse

Beret from Mels Bells Cloche Hats

For the birds flying south this fall – a necklace from LaRoca Gallery

Scarf from Punk Rocknits

Tea bags print from PragyaK

Toddler slippers from Wooly Baby

Cup of joe locket from KVanvliet

Flower bath salts from Volta Soaps

Forests of the world stationery set from ReadWriteBooks

Green glass earrings from Wydinya Studio

Even if you’re not prepared to move into fall, don’t forget to check out a ton more items available here appropriate for any season!

~Nicole Bruno, A Stitch in Design

Gift Guide: Celebrate Spring!

Though I am a solid winter girl at heart, I do get a thrill at the changing of the seasons. And of course, the start of baseball season helps to ease my tears when the snow begins to melt. So celebrate the season with an item (or two!) from the Handmade Philly repertoire.

Nothing says spring quite like this sweet skirt from Chloe & Boo.

Love love love these deep blue earrings from Wydinya. Looking forward to a clear blue spring sky to match!

Pick up these great little snowflake soaps from Lillian’s Apothecary just in case all the snow melts before you get to enjoy it.

There’s nothing like warming up with some tea during the blustery winter months though for spring you may want to  swap out your actual tea for this painting by K Vanvliet.

Though it is getting warmer, the snow’s not gone yet! Wooly Baby has some lovely booties for your little one who’s itching to get outside and run.

If your green thumb is a bit like mine (brown?), opt for Pigeons in the Attic’s version of a flower pot instead.

If you’re as excited about upcoming bounty of fruits and vegetables, you’ll flip for PragyaK’s delightful carrot print.

Klaatu Collection’s juicy ring is the perfect way to get spring’s colors into your accessories now.

Get prepared for your garden’s bounty with Fabrik’s reusable produce bags.

Earth Mother Mosaics’ coasters are like a little slice of citrus fruit any time of the year.

Spring is wedding season and almost any bride would love the addition of this necklace from d’Olivia Jewelry on their special day.

In anticipation of even the bugs that will be headed our way in the next few months, pick up one of these adorable onesies from Super de Duper.

Have a little bit of spring any day of the year with this sweet little tray from Insitu Decorative Arts.

With all of these items and the many more not featured, I’m sure you can find a way to celebrate the coming of spring!

~Nicole Bruno, A Stitch in Design

Gift Guide: Valentine’s Day!

The fabulous artisans here at Handmade Philly have proven to me yet again that they have the inventory to fill any need. And the need this time of year is Valentine’s Day. Whether you fall for the hearts and flowers every year or you try to duck out of the over the top celebrating, there’s definitely something here for you. So scroll on to check out all the items available for purchase – right now!

Love the ability to mix up any outfit with a super cute cocktail ring, and this one from Antebelle is perfect with practically any outfit!

Get your point across without even saying a word. Grab this fantastic pin from Amy B’s Jewelry and show your lover what you think about them.

With all the statement necklaces out there, you know your honey will standout with this handmade piece from BGartman.

You know how much your love appreciates their tea (or coffee!) so dress it up for them with this great little tea cup by E Bohner Designs.

Bud and Branch lets you lock away anyone’s heart with this fantastic padlock necklace.

Be a secret admirer this year by sneaking this pin onto your love’s winter jacket. Made by Crinoline and sure to brighten up anyone’s day.

Mobiles aren’t just for babies! Pick up this fishy delight by SqrlBee to decorate your sweetheart’s office space.

Keep your honey warm with this fantastic cowl by Lillian Jackson.

If your other half is a sucker for old school, pick up this fantastic mix tape necklace by Aurora21112. (Earrings also available!)

If a cowl just isn’t enough to keep her warm through the snow, grab this shawl from Punkrocknits and stay toasty.

Brighten up her purse collection with this great little turquoise number from Janzibar.

Pick up these sweet little hearts from LaRocaGallery to show just how much of your heart she has.

This quilt and bag kit from Jay Bird Quilts is the perfect gift for the sewing enthusiast in your life. He or she might even make one of the items for you!

Any fan of the written word would love love love these darling little strawberry notecards. Give your dearest hope of the spring by purchasing these from MollieDogPaper.

Hope you were able to find something – for yourself or your other half 🙂

And as always,  don’t forget about the many offerings from the wonderful members of Handmade Philly!

~Nicole Bruno, A Stitch in Design