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Hype & Lavender: Fashionably Crafty Gals & Makers Market


LiliGlow Boutique is turning 5 years old! To celebrate, Tamara Johnson, the brand’s founder, is hosting Hype & Lavender. Tamara is currently looking for 14 crafty female designers or makers to vend at this event. By the way, free tix to attend Hype and Lavender are currently available as part of the Early Bird Special. Here’s some more info from the event page:



Event is being held in the Eraserhood/ Loft District over at SAVERY Gallery (319 North 11th Street). Date: August 22, time: Noon to 5pm. See hypeandlavender.splasthat.com for additional details.

Photo Recap: Handmade Philly + West Elm = Etsy Craft Party!!

Cupcakes + Embroidery + West Elm + Etsy + Handmade Philly = Tons of Crafty Goodness!!

We had a wonderful time at West Elm, as we teamed up to host a workshop for this year’s Etsy Craft Party. This time around we focused on embroidering photos, and tons of people made it out to the event. Thanks everyone!!

If you were unable to make it out on Friday, or if that event just left you yearning for more, fear not! We are having another meet up this afternoon, from 4-6 pm!

Note: if we mislabeled your work, or missed crediting you by name, leave a comment and we will gladly correct the image. 


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Almost Live from Swap O Rama Rama

Wow, we’re here at the Third Annual Swap O Rama Rama at the Navy Yard in the Urban Outfitters building (drive back to the end and take a right) and it is beautiful and amazing!  The building is huge and the tables are full of clothes and fabric. 

Handmade Philly’s team table will be helping visitors make monster pins and collage pins with all sorts of bobbles, pins, buttons, flowers, felt and fabric.


Come by today from 12-5

Tutorial Tuesday: Marble Magnets

These magnets are super easy and very satisfying to make- you can cover a lot of ground in a very short amount of time. For this reason, I’ve always thought they’d make great wedding or shower favors,  “save the date” reminders, or teacher gifts. 

Here is what you’ll need:

  • Package of clear, flat, glass marbles, approx. ½″- ¾″ (found in the floral dept. at craft stores).
  • Silicon sealer/adhesive – I got mine at Walmart in the adhesive section near the paint aisle, but you should be able to get this at the craft store as well.  Don’t forget to read that warning label! 
  • ½″- ¾″ magnet rounds (strong) found in the craft store- usually sold in packs of 50.
  • Various small pictures cut from magazines, personal photos, clip art, etc.
  • Scissors or a ½” hole punch (not pictured).

First, decide what pictures you are going to use.  For this example, I resized one of my paintings, then printed it onto photo paper, which works really well.  Test out how it will look by placing one of your marbles over top.  As you can see from the photo, some magnification does occur, so you‘ll probably need a smaller image than you think.  Once you’ve got it in a good spot, trace lightly in pencil around the marble:

Cut along your line using either the scissors or hole punch, and apply a small bead of silicon to the right side of your picture:

Now take your marble and squish it down over top of your image, pressing out any bubbles in the silicon.  Just wipe off any excess with a cloth.  I never had any problems working with this stuff, but if you’re sensitive, you may want to open a window and/or wear gloves.

Once the silicon is dry, just use it in the same fashion to attach the magnets to the backs of the marbles:

Done!  I literally burned through about 50 magnets in less than an hour- and that was while trying to supervise my 3-year-old son who wanted to help.  If you are sans a small assistant, my guess is you can probably make ’em even faster. 

Lauren Rambow-Meakim is the full-time mom of 3 small boys and founder of Gigglepotamus, which specializes in whimsical clothing, accessories, and decor for babies, children, and beyond.

Titan and the Fireflies by Jason Hackenwerth

A few of the members of Handmade Philly stopped by this exhibit while it was up (back in November! I’ve been kind of swamped so didn’t get to post about it til now!)…Anyway, the work was amazing. It’s hard to show how huge the pieces are (GINORMOUS!), so take note of the people at the bottom of the photos. These balloon sculptures are definitely unlike anything I’ve seen before. If you get a chance to check out this dude’s work in the future, run don’t walk. Afterwards, since we were in Fishtown, we decided to stop by Fishtown Airways, the artist market and co-op which is located at 200 E. Girard Ave. They have a ton of creative energy, and lots of cool events. Stop by just to take a peek if you get a chance, or if you need to do some shopping.





Spring Flowering

Just a wee bit of color pushing through the wintry landscape…perhaps a tinge of gold at peel of a birch, a glimmer of purple-hued crocus sparkling on the forest floor, dewy moss casting a brilliant green to the edge of a creek, or the whisper of a snow drop petal’s sweet welcome. All of these things bring a feeling of renewal, revitalization, and quiet awakening as we emerge from our wintry dens to feel the balmy new breezes of springtime. In perusing the artistic coffers of Philadelphia artisans, I found the following gold-tinged blossoming gems. That delicate eruption of color from the milky whites and frothy cream is enough to remind me that warmth is nigh, even if I still have to pull my hood up over my head for a few more weeks.


These absolutely stunning fairy wings are the exquisite, careful work of Rebecca Dixon, proprietor of etsy shop, Up from the Ashes I just hope that one day I can become the owner of one of these accessories to fantasy delight!

Grace Christie's lovely 'Rain' earrings

Grace Christie's lovely 'Rain' earrings

No one can deny the striking beauty of Grace Christie’s bejeweled creations. Like the afternoon sunlight filtering through a light spring drizzle, these earrings sparkle with a many hued light. You can find Grace Christie at her etsy site of the same name.

Sew Fragrant's Little Birdie

Sew Fragrant's Little Birdie

A delightful touch of whimsy for the Easter Basket, the Baby Shower, or any other event that delivers – in hushed tones, perhaps – spring growth, new growth, little birdie growth and happily, the arrival of little ones. Philly artisan, Patti, gives us all the chance to offer such sweet gifts at her shop Sew Fragrant.

SayHiBeth's adorable vintage magnets

SayHiBeth's adorable vintage magnets

What says ‘spring’ more than the hurry of little girls to begin skipping rope outside. I might not be little, but it seems pretty appealing to me! And I will say that for the two and a half year olds like my daughter, nothing is more appealing than getting out of doors at long last. And for such joyous weather! Say Hi Beth’s etsy shop is full of all kinds of wonderful vintage magnet sets. It won’t be long before some of these adorn my own fridge.

Harvest Sky Ring

Harvest Sky Ring

I know, I know, the name of this ring is “Harvest Sky” but who can mistake that clear blue of springtime, the golden branches merely a hold over from winter bareness, their silhouettes bathed in the hazy light following a light shower? Well, I can pretend. Isn’t that the glory of art? We see what we want to see. My stepmother already wears one of Dierdre Ryan’s photo rings, and many more can be found at her etsy shop, blackbird72.

Jen McCleary's picture postcard

Jen McCleary's picture postcard

For someone who delights in collage, Jen McCleary seems to have no end to the creative expanses of her imagination. Her artwork jewelry pieces are completely original and beautiful to behold, especially in person. And what’s this? Wonderful postcard prints of her collaged art pieces. And for a dollar? Astounding. Sign me up! And you, too, dear reader, should visit her shop for more. Find her at etsy under the name JenMcCleary

New springtime creations are all around us! Look for us locally area events, including the Trenton Avenue Arts Festival and the Fishtown Shad Fest for new, interesting, and endlessly creative creations.

Lilith's Apothecary glycerin soaps

Lilith's Apothecary glycerin soaps

Sarah Powell, is a medical anthropologist, herbalist, crafter, and the sole proprietor of the natural bath, body & herbal tea business, Lilith’s Apothecary.

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