Handmade Philly + Tulpehocken Exchange: Winter Art Classes

We are stoked to announce a partnership between Handmade Philly and a new maker space, Tulpehocken Exchange. We are hosting a number of workshops at the new space, located in Germantown at 47 East High Street (the 47Arts building), including Silhouette Portraits, Holiday Watercolor Card Making, Winter Still Life Painting & Pastel Portraiture.

All classes are age 12 and up.

To sign up, email info@handmadephilly.com

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Check out http://www.uglystepsisterart.wordpress.com for more details about Kirsten Ashley’s art work and upcoming classes.



Handmade Philly…

Something exciting is in the works…check back soon for details!



Handmade Philly MeetUp: April!


Hype & Lavender: Fashionably Crafty Gals & Makers Market


LiliGlow Boutique is turning 5 years old! To celebrate, Tamara Johnson, the brand’s founder, is hosting Hype & Lavender. Tamara is currently looking for 14 crafty female designers or makers to vend at this event. By the way, free tix to attend Hype and Lavender are currently available as part of the Early Bird Special. Here’s some more info from the event page:



Event is being held in the Eraserhood/ Loft District over at SAVERY Gallery (319 North 11th Street). Date: August 22, time: Noon to 5pm. See hypeandlavender.splasthat.com for additional details.

Photo Recap: Handmade Philly + West Elm = Etsy Craft Party!!

Cupcakes + Embroidery + West Elm + Etsy + Handmade Philly = Tons of Crafty Goodness!!

We had a wonderful time at West Elm, as we teamed up to host a workshop for this year’s Etsy Craft Party. This time around we focused on embroidering photos, and tons of people made it out to the event. Thanks everyone!!

If you were unable to make it out on Friday, or if that event just left you yearning for more, fear not! We are having another meet up this afternoon, from 4-6 pm!

Note: if we mislabeled your work, or missed crediting you by name, leave a comment and we will gladly correct the image. 


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Almost Live from Swap O Rama Rama

Wow, we’re here at the Third Annual Swap O Rama Rama at the Navy Yard in the Urban Outfitters building (drive back to the end and take a right) and it is beautiful and amazing!  The building is huge and the tables are full of clothes and fabric. 

Handmade Philly’s team table will be helping visitors make monster pins and collage pins with all sorts of bobbles, pins, buttons, flowers, felt and fabric.


Come by today from 12-5

Tutorial Tuesday: Marble Magnets

These magnets are super easy and very satisfying to make- you can cover a lot of ground in a very short amount of time. For this reason, I’ve always thought they’d make great wedding or shower favors,  “save the date” reminders, or teacher gifts. 

Here is what you’ll need:

  • Package of clear, flat, glass marbles, approx. ½″- ¾″ (found in the floral dept. at craft stores).
  • Silicon sealer/adhesive – I got mine at Walmart in the adhesive section near the paint aisle, but you should be able to get this at the craft store as well.  Don’t forget to read that warning label! 
  • ½″- ¾″ magnet rounds (strong) found in the craft store- usually sold in packs of 50.
  • Various small pictures cut from magazines, personal photos, clip art, etc.
  • Scissors or a ½” hole punch (not pictured).

First, decide what pictures you are going to use.  For this example, I resized one of my paintings, then printed it onto photo paper, which works really well.  Test out how it will look by placing one of your marbles over top.  As you can see from the photo, some magnification does occur, so you‘ll probably need a smaller image than you think.  Once you’ve got it in a good spot, trace lightly in pencil around the marble:

Cut along your line using either the scissors or hole punch, and apply a small bead of silicon to the right side of your picture:

Now take your marble and squish it down over top of your image, pressing out any bubbles in the silicon.  Just wipe off any excess with a cloth.  I never had any problems working with this stuff, but if you’re sensitive, you may want to open a window and/or wear gloves.

Once the silicon is dry, just use it in the same fashion to attach the magnets to the backs of the marbles:

Done!  I literally burned through about 50 magnets in less than an hour- and that was while trying to supervise my 3-year-old son who wanted to help.  If you are sans a small assistant, my guess is you can probably make ’em even faster. 

Lauren Rambow-Meakim is the full-time mom of 3 small boys and founder of Gigglepotamus, which specializes in whimsical clothing, accessories, and decor for babies, children, and beyond.

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