Team members participate in Thing a Day!

This past February some members of our team participated in the Thing a Day project. Participants were to create something daily and post it to the Thing a Day site every day for the month. Just about anything could count as a “thing,” from a work of art to a new recipe to a shop update. This project was a lot of fun and was great for motivation and trying new things! Stay tuned for a similar weekly project forthcoming for the Philly Etsy Team!

Here’s what some of our members made:

Crocheted beasties and other fun things by FlyingFox

New pattern designs from RedRedOrange(She’s running a contest on her blog right now where you can pick your favorite patterns and win free cards featuring your favorite design!)

Cool jewelry and other things from Miss Koco:

Tomato seedlings, cute critters, and other projects from Sqrl

Lovely photos from Mojoroneno

Daily drawings on old computer punch cards from Jen McCleary:


Thing-a-day is a month long project; each participant commits to make one new thing (project, sketch, etc.) per day and share it on the group blog. Here is a link to the thing-a-day blog. Quite a few members from the Philly Etsy Team are participating. Here are links to their posts: Jen McCleary, Girls Can Tell, Miss Koco, RedRedOrange, MaryJo Rosania, Studio Captura, Sqrl & Bee Studio & Flying Fox Designs.