Indigo Bleu Design & Culture Center

In the Fall of 2013, Philadelphia-based marketing and management firm, Indigo Bleu Design Concepts will launch their most new brand project the Indigo Bleu Design & Culture Center (IBDCC).



Conveniently located in the Parkside section of West Philadelphia, IBDCC, will serve as a creative anchor for the shared use of established and up and coming artists, designers, and the surrounding community. Located at the tip of West Philadelphia’s Centennial district, IBDCC will be a centralized location for creation, social and professional networking and the celebration of the Arts and Culture.

As launch pad for creative professionals and independently operated entrepreneurial firms IBDCC will feature a shared co-op workspace, office suites, design studios, and an open layout gallery/event space.

Indigo Bleu Design Concepts provides business development services, professional coaching and mentoring, design and marketing services to start ups and non-profits.

By providing diverse leasing options on work and office space and networking and retailing opportunities for tenants, IBDCC hopes to serve as enriching resource to its tenants, enhance the vibrancy of the Parkside area by revitalizing the Arts scene and hosting public Arts & Culture events and activities and increase the revenues generated for and through Philadelphia’s creative sector.

Tenants will enjoy the following amenities:

  • Flexible and reasonable leasing options
  •  A secure work space with 24 hour access
  • A convenient location with access to public transportation just 15 minutes outside of Center City
  • Onsite event space and catering services
  • Discounted tenant-rates to event space rental
  • Free Wi Fi
  • Free lot and street parking

Please note: Spots in the co-working space start at 300/month (utilities included) and office spaces start at 500 + utilities.

Niesha Kennedy-Robinson is a lover of things handmade.  Besides being a wife and a mother, she is the owner and operator of Wee Bit Trendy, a small online shop that provides Handmade Faux Treats for Baby.  She loves DIY (why buy when you can DIY), and doing PR for Sharp with Art Group and West Park Arts Festival.

Martina Plag’s “Monsters Under the Bed”


West Philadelphia has a rich puppetry community, and 40th Street Air is celebrating the career of resident artist, Martina Plag.  I had the extraordinary chance to speak with Martina in her exhibition, “Monsters Under the Bed,” a retrospective of some of the puppetry she has brought to Philadelphia audiences and beyond.  She has directed, designed, performed, and created shows for innovative companies including Gas & Electric Arts’ “Hershel and the Hobgoblins,”  EgoPo’s “The Golem,” and Allen’s Lane Theatre’s “Something Wicked this Way Comes.”  She described her use of found materials and traditional puppet forms. She revealed some secrets such as that she sculpts some faces out of insulation foam and finds many items in the aisles of the hardware store.  I was especially impressed by her Emma Goldman and Leo Tolstoy puppets whose words extend from the mouths in the hand of the puppeteer.  She demonstrated table tabletop techniques and expressed the power of scale, showing how a character on stilts interacts with a smaller hand-operated figure.  It was a rare treat to interact with Martina and to see how she powers her puppets, demystifying the magic behind her contraptions and captivating us with her mastery of form.

40th Street Air
4007 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104 

Additional viewing times: Friday, May 18th and 25th, 3-7pm or by appointment (call 215-429-9939)

For more information about Martina Plag, visit: