Greensgrow Farms Holiday Bazaar

Greeensgrow Farms is located in Philadelphia’s Kensington neighborhood, and they sponsored a holiday bazaar on two consecutive weekends this past December.  I am not familiar with Kensington, however I found their location fairly easily off I-95.  There was free parking on the streets.  I understand they are also accessible by public transportation.  Greensgrow created an urban farm on a vacant lot in 1997.  They were selling local apples, there was a booth selling food inside the farm, plus a few booths selling/tasting local beers.  There was also a crepe truck parked outside.  No one will go hungry at the holiday bazaar!

The event is held within a greenhouse enclosure.  It was fairly comfortable for a crisp and chilly winter’s day.  There were approximately 30 booths, selling items such as jewelry, artwork, clothing, and did I mention the beer?

Joyce Mercer, of Jewelry With Me, had a booth for her lovely wire jewelry.  Joyce uses colored large gauge aluminum wire to design, create and twist wonderful creations.  Here she uses wire in complimentary colors to fashion necklaces.  Please click on the photos for larger images.

And here is a photograph of her ring collection.  Joyce will actually create a ring in exactly your size while you wait.  I watched her do this skillfully and quickly.  I have made some of my own wirework jewelry, so I have a good understanding of how much artistry and dexterity her craft requires.

There was fairly good foot traffic at the bazaar.  Sellers are able to pick one or more days for their booth — they are not required to sign up for all four days of the bazaar.  In my unofficial survey of the success of the bazaar, answers ranged from “it’s a bit slow” to “it’s great and worthwhile”.  I therefore suspect the answer is somewhere in between.  I will also opine unofficially that I believe items that could be considered urban, hip, or funky would sell the best at this venue.

Written by Diane Olivia