DIY tassels (and a Harry Potter birthday gift)

On my blog last week I shared my creative journey into the magical world of Harry Potter. My husband and I worked together to create a very special hand-crafted birthday gift for my nephew:

One of the flourishes I added to each wizard’s wand was a handmade tassel. They are very easy to make. All you need is colorful embroidery thread and scissors. Here are the steps:

1. Begin by wrapping one color of your embroidery thread around your four fingers, four times.
2. Add a second color of embroidery thread and wrap that around four times.
3. Remove the thread from your hand. You will now have a small circle of thread. With a separate piece of thread (about 3 inches long – long enough to use as a tie), tie a knot at one end of the circle.
4. Use your scissors to cut through all of the thread at the opposite end of the circle.
5. With another separate piece of thread, tie a knot around all of the tassel threads about 1/2″ down from the main tassel tie. If you have crafting wire, that can be used instead of the thread in this last step. Just wrap the wire around the tassel threads a couple times for a secure fit.

This is what the tassels looked like on the wands:

I hope this inspires the inner wizard in you! – Kate

One Response to “DIY tassels (and a Harry Potter birthday gift)”

  1. ruth

    I love it! Great job Katie!

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